Friday, May 9, 2014

Voodoo Tactical Scorpion Range Bag - Review

Today we are looking at the Voodoo Tactical Scorpion Range bag which came to us from Airsplat.  You can find it over on their website HERE in either Tan or Black.  This bag will run your $48 and I have to say, I think that Voodoo Tactical is stepping-up their quality in manufacturing.  This bag is really nicely made.

Here are some of the features:

As you can see/read, this bag is more than just a standard bail-out bag with a shoulder strap.  And as if often the case, it's the smaller features that add up to the big benefits of a bag like this.

Here's a look at it from another angle.

On the front, we have 2 storage compartments.  They are slightly different sizes so you can carry smaller mags, batteries, gas adapters, plugs, dead rags, and much more.  You can also see the cross-stitching.  Now inside the different squares in the stitching is padding, so this bag offers your gear some additional safety because of the padding.

Open up on of the 3 larger sections, and here's what you see inside.  More internal store pockets, places for pens, small flashlights, and the like.  You also have a larger section with padding and a velcro pull-over tab where you could store an iPad or a Kindle if you'd like.

Double-zips are how you open the top to get into the main section.  This makes it easier to access all the items easily because there is such a large opening for the bag once you zip it open.

Inside...more storage.  Looking at the pics below you can see another internal section with a velcro pull-over tab, more elastic to hold mags and then on both ends of the INSIDE of the bag are 2 more pockets.    Again I'll note that that one of my favorite features of this bag is that when the main section is open, you can get into easily to get gear out, and when you want to return gear to it, you can do so easily as well.

On both ends of the bag are pockets like the one shown below.  In my opinion, these are perfect for phone storage when you are at an op or airsoft event.

Turning to the backside, you can see there is a clear ID pocket so you can let people know this is your bag.  More of the same stitching, and up top you can see the 2 carrying handles as well as the shoulder strap (which can be removed if you don't want to use it).

On the inside of the back panel, there is...more storage.  This section has 4 elastics to hold mags - M4s will be fine, AKs will be a bit tight, and things larger than that should just be stored somewhere else in the bag.

 Another feature of this bag that I really, REALLY like are the 4 'feet' shown below. These allow the bag to stand more firmly and they help give the bag more structure and form when you place it down.  Well-done Voodoo Tactical.

Here's the skinny - I'm impressed.  Voodoo Tactical has stepped up their game in the last few years as they take their quality to another level.  Now as is often the case, many airsoft items are used by real-steel operators or just citizen shooters, and that's the case with this bag.  It's made for real-steel but offers (as you have seen) a TON of space to bring your gear to an airsoft event.  Other than my BDU, my boots, and my AEG, this will hold what I need to head out for an airsoft op.  Check it out HERE, thanks to Airsplat for making this review possible, and thanks to you for reading this review.

Keep on firin',

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