Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shenzhen Tactical 3-Day Backpack from Airsoft Atlanta

COOL new tac-pack from Airsoft Atlanta.  And the cost - only $26.99.  This is the Shezhen Tactical 3-Day Backpack (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT OVER AT AIRSOFT ATLANTA).  Take a look.  

Here are some of the features:
- Tons of straps to adjust the pack, so it'll fit a kid or an adult
- Padded shoulder straps
- Zippers are smooth
- Velcro locations for patches
- MOLLE on the pack
- A variety of different-sized pockets

Just looking at, you can tell it's bigger than an assault pack.  Having used it, I can tell you that if you pack effectively you can use this for an overnight trip easily, and with no problem what so ever, you could put all your gear other than your AEG in this for an airsoft op.

Another look - this one looking at it straight on at the pack.   Basically 3 main compartments for storage - the larger main one, a middle, medium-sized one, and then the angled-zipper one on the front.

Here you can see two of the velcro locations for patches.  One is a standard size (about 3x5) and the other one is about 3/4 inch by 5 inches.   Pick a patch and make it happen, cap'n.

This is kind of unique - the front pocket is at an angle.  The purpose?  Not totally sure, but it does offer a kind of cool look.  Storage inside and molle on the outside.

Up top, there are a few things to note.  The handle makes it easy to carry the bag - grab it from the car and head out to an op.  Also, you've got an access point to run your hydration tube from, so no canteen needed - just run your hydration bladder.

On the sides, more molle and compression straps too, so you can stuff the bag and then 'smoosh' it down to get it to be more stream-lined.

On the back, you can see the padded shoulder straps.  D-rings are included so you can attach all kind of other gear.  Sternum strap  - now you can secure the pack even more effectively, and of course the waist strap allows you to keep the bag from bouncing all over the place when you are moving.

D- rings.

Sternum strap.

Waist strap.

Here's another look up top at the handle and the opening for the hydration tube.

Here's a look inside the medium (middle) pocket.  Lots 'o' space - more than your average assault pack.

A look at the hydration bladder storage compartment in the MAIN compartment...

...and I mean just look at the storage in the main section.  And remember - only $26.99 for the pack.  Nice deal.

Down on the bottom - more molle and some straps so you can attach more gear - whatever you'd like, but it looks like it'd be perfect for a bed roll of some sort.

Ok - here's the deal, airsofters.  $27 = not very expensive at all.  A lot of different storage space, lots of molle, and lots of straps.  You can get these in black, OD, and tan, and here's the link again (CLICK HERE).