Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fantastic Deal from Airsoft Innovations

Hey CQB Radio listeners,

We've got an interview with Carl from Airsoft Innovations on the next podcast, so be sure to check that out. But in the mean time, check out this deal - 30% off on the AI Tornado Grenade!
Check out for more information - and you can get this deal at Airsoft Extreme and at Airsplat.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday deal at Pyramyd Air

Check out Pyramyd Air on Black Friday and you can get 5% off AND free shipping on orders over $150. Great deals, great customer service - it's a win-win. Go to

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new arrival to the airsoft world...

Check it out - the Magpul Masada is available in airsoft form now.

I'm a fan of the SCAR, so I think this model is pretty sweet looking. It's selling like hot cakes - many retailers are out of it. Vote in the poll to your right about the A&K Masada.

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Welcome Airsoft Station, a new sponsor of CQB Radio.

Hello CQB Radio listeners,

We have brought on a new sponsor - Airsoft Station. Check them out on-line at We've got an interview lined-up with them for a future podcast so you can learn more about them.

Episode 9 is in the mix - LOTs of interviews!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Airsoft Extreme is carrying some great new items, including...

...this new quick-detach sling swivel from King Arms. Only $19.99 - check out for more info.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The old and the new M8A3 from Echo 1

Echo 1 has just put out a new M8A3, complete with 8mm bearings and a crane stock. I guess they heard how much people liked this AEG but how the PEQ was not a fan favorite. Check out the old and the new M8A3. More info to come as I hear more.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 8: Gimme Some Cover Fire

Episode 8 is ready to be downloaded.

You can it find at:

And we're at

E-mail is
We're on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook - all under CQB Radio

CQB Radio - Episode 8: Gimme Some Cover Fire
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street: The lastest New England Airsoft Events
- Assessment: Support guns - A&K M249 SAW Para, A&K MK43, and the SRC RPK
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Interview with John Lu from Operation Lion Claws
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Reed, The Airsoft Reviewer 1
- Loadout: Sling
- Retailer Review: The Kapowwe Company
- Just In: New gear and items in the airsoft world
- Closing

Thanks to JAG Precision for thier partnership with CQB Radio for an up-coming episode on shotguns. Stay tuned!

Check out to see thier new HD video page.

CYMA and AGM - airsoft guns and parts siezed in China. Stay tuned for more information.

Word on the Street: The Latest New England Airsoft Events
Check out for info on their upcoming corn maze games, as well as info about Operation Northern First and Sunday games in Monmouth

In Mass., check out for some CQB ops in a 60,000 square foot facility in Worcester. Next game is 11/15/09 (not 11/11 as I mentiond on the podcast). Also, Ghost Town is holding ops - check out for more info on that.

In Vermont, GMSOG is holding a mil-soft event. Check out for more information.

Assessment: Support guns

The first gun we talked about was the A&K SAW M249 Para.

Here's a picture of Ox's SAW - nice gun.

The proud owner with his AEG.

For around $250, a great deal on a very solid gun.

Secondly, we talked about the new A&K MK43 - the M60.

The box mag - attaches firmly and hold about 3500 rounds.

A look at the flash hider (a full-metal one was included in the package) and the mosfet knob, located under the flash hider.

Lastly, we talked about the SRC RPK. All metal, real wood - very nicely made.

The SRC RPK comes with a 3000 round drum mag and with a 600 round hi-capacity magazine.

Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: In this section, we talked about planning airsoft ops with John Lu, the founder and organizer of the Lion Claws Series.

The man himself- John Lu.

Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Reed, The Airsoft Reviewer 1. Check out his vids and airsoft news on YouTube.

Loadout: Slings were our topic of choice for Loadout.

The first sling was the UTG 3-point sling

Here is in it's 3-point set-up.

And here it is shifted into the 2-point set-up.

You get all kinds of goodies with this sling to make sure it can be connected to your AEG.

Next, we have the AMP tactical single-point sling in OD. Nice touch that it comes with a sling mount you can add to your M4.

We also looked at the Condor Cobra double-bungee, single point sling. Here it is attached the Stag Arms full-metal M4.

We also looked at the Condor Mamba 2-point (and single point) sling. Here is it in the single-point form.

And here it is in the 2-point form.

And a close-up of the stretchy fabric that covers the clip so it won't scratch your gun or make noise.

The King Arms single-point sling was next. Short, sweet, and too the point.

Another shot of it.

The HSS pistol lanyard - a great way to not lose your pistol.

And lastly the Matrix tactical 3-point sling, shown here on my M16.

And a shot of the clips that make it so user-friendly.

Retailer Review: The Kapowwe Company was our retailer of choice for this section. Check them out at

Just In: Some new items in the airsoft world.

Airsoft Extreme is selling the new A&K M60-VN.

Airsplat has the new Galil support gun.

Airsplat is also selling some new batteries and chargers from Kong Power. Check out

Pyramyd Air is now selling the VFC 416 as well as the KWA MP7. Their site is
SRC has their first GBB pistol out now.

Evike is sellign the WE GBB SCAR pacakge with scope, silencer, and EGLM launcher.

And that's all. Thanks for check out the podcast and blog. Again, email is

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