Thursday, September 24, 2009

Episode 7 in a few days

Want to learn about M4s? We've got 6 to review in this next episode.
It's coming out in a few days - stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 7 is in the works and The Citadel

Hey CQB Radio Fans,
Episode 7 is in the works. More info on this soon. Don't forget - we're now on Facebook and YouTube. I am up-loading (as I write this) a new video review of the FiDragon Molle Plate Carrier. Check it out.

Also, check out The Citadel - a really nice new CQB airsoft facility in Worcester, Mass. Here's the link:

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 6: The Summer is Winding Down

Episode 6 is ready to be downloaded.
You can find us at:

And we're at at the Libsyn site.

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We’re also on Twitter and YouTube - CQB Radio.

CQB Radio - Episode 6: The Summer Is Winding Down
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street, Part 1: The latest New England airsoft events
- Word on the Street, Part 2: Speaking with Derek from GMSOG
- Assessment: 3 Reviews: 2 H&K MP5s and the Well G55
- Tricks of the Trade: Speaking with Scaar from AATV
- Loadout: Gun bags
- Retailer Review: An interview with Patrick from Pyramyd Air
- Just In: New gear and items to the airsoft world

Thanks to Carrier Signs ( for the great banner they made for CQB Radio.

WORD ON THE STREET, Part 1: An update on airsoft events happening in New England.
- New England Airsoft News - and
- New Hampshire: Operation Metropolis at R.P.C.
- Vermont: Operation Reciprocity at G.M.S.O.G.
- Maine: Operation Nosebleed at Harris Field Farms

Massachusetts: Operation Resident Eval

WORD ON THE STREET, Part 2: Speaking with Derek from G.M.S.O.G., a great airsoft field in Vermont.

ASSESSMENT: Our first AEG reviewed in Assessment was the H&K dual-power MP5 sent to me from Pyramyd Air.

All packed up and ready to get into it.

Here's the included speedloader with the "guide" at the end of it to help make sure the BBs end up in the magazine.

The H&K dual-power MP5 - a nice, entry-level gun for plinking with friends.

The second AEG we looked at was the H&K MP5 - a step above the dual-power MP5 from H&K. Thanks again to Pyramyd Air for this AEG.

No box here - just plastic.

This AEG comes with: the gun, a sling, a sight mount, a reflex sight, instructions, a charger, some fuses, and a 9.6 volt battery.

A solid lower receiver and the H&K trades.

Skirmish ready and not too expensive - the MP5 from H&K.

The last gun we reviewed was the super-compact Well G55 gas blow-back MP5K. Thanks to Airsoft Extreme for sending me this item for review.

Here's what you get in the box (nice closed-cell foam included).

With a great rate of fire, this is a nice gas gun and a great CQB weapon or a back-up for a sniper or DMR.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Next, we spoke with Scaar from AATV. He and Shadow do in-depth and pretty funny review of airsoft items.

LOADOUT: Loadout was all about gun bags. The first two are from UTG and Pyramyd Air sent them to me to review.

Take a look at the UTG Dual Gun Bag.

Lots of straps inside to hold your guns in place.

The 2nd bag was the UTG Soft Case

The last 2 bags were the Condor Rifle Bags - one from Airsoft Extreme and one from Airsplat.

A look inside the outer pocket.

Storing my LR300 in the bag.

Here's the bag in black. It also comes in tan.

RETAILER REVIEW: In our Retailer Review, I interviewed Patrick, the chief operating officer from Pyramyd Air. Check out the Pyramyd Air site -

JUST IN: New items to the airsoft world is what we talked about during Just In. Take a look at this strange but interesting JG PDW.

Hope you enjoy it. Check back on the blog for updates.

Keep on firin',