Monday, June 29, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 4: It's Been A While

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CQB Radio - Episode 4: It's Been A While...
- Welcome and Introduction
- Word on the Street: The latest New England airsoft news
- Word on the Street Focus: D-Day with Savage from Maine Airsoft
- Assessment: 2 reviews: The Echo 1 E90 and the TSD SD45 UMP
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Moving Quietly In The Woods
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Talking with Scout the Doggie
- Loadout: Airsoft Optics
- Retailer Review: AirsoftGI
- Just In: New sites, great sites, new items

I heard from Airsoft Korea via e-mail. Great to know that airsoft is being played all over the world, from the U.S. to South Korea - we've got some world-wide plastic slingin' going on.

Here's the Jing Gong M16A4 with an M203 and heat shield. This was originally the JG DMR with a full-length, all-metal rail system. Mods took a while, but it's finally completed. E-mail me if you're interested in hearing about how the these mods are done.

The Bio BB Breakdown is going on now. I started June 1 and one month later, still nothing worth reporting. I'll let you know when the BBs start to break down, and I'll post pics on the blog when the images are worth taking a look at.

COYOTE BROWN COMPETITION: Last month's winner of the TRUE coyote brown contest was Midwest Jay. He's scoring a free pair of Mechanix gloves.

AIRSOFT HANDLE'S FOR MY DOGGS: This month's competition - come up with airsoft names for my two doggs - Griffin (on the left as you are looking at this picture - the all-black Lab/Terrier mix) and Caroline (on the right - the brown and black Shepherd/Lab/Hound mix). The contest ends on July 21st, one entery per person.

WORD ON THE STREET: Here are a few link for up-coming events in the airsoft world.
- In Massachusetts - Resident Eval: Return to Racoon City -
- In Vermont - Joint Field Training Exercise -
- In New Hampshire - Operation Serpent's Sword -
- In Maine - Operation Northern Fist -,1453.0.html

- In Rhode Island - Warzone Paintball -
- In Connecticut - Operation Burning Sun IV -

- In New York - Evike Practical Pistol Competition -
- In New York - Operation Pine Plains III -
- In New York - Operation Lightning Strike -

An A.A.R. of D-Day: Operation Failed Drop from Maine Airsoft

Some of the players (myself included) were paratroopers, and of those paratroopers, some of us were wounded right from the get-go.

ASSESSMENT: Review #1 was of the Echo 1 E90, and JP from Alleyway airsoft gave us a hand on this review. Check out his page on YouTube.

The E90 - a strange-looking but great gun.

Here's the M4 mag adapter JP spoke about.

The E90 all set-up.

ASSESSMENT: Review #2 was of the TSD SD45 (UMP)

The box I recieved from AirsoftGI.

In the box you get the gun and these items.

The stock folds like a G36.

The fore grip and charging handle.

The TSD SD45 with a verticle fore grip and an NC Star red dot scope.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE, Part 1: We talked about moving quietly in the woods and how to be a more stealthy airsoft player.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE, Part 2: We spoke with Scout the Doggie about video recording your airsoft games. Check out his page on YouTube -

LOADOUT: We talked about optics in loadout - what they are, how to set-them up, and the different kinds often used in airsoft.

Your basic red dot tube sight.

Another red dot with a sun shade.

Another more open red dot.

A holo sight on my SCAR-L by DBOYS.

A reflex sight.

A non-magnified ACOG sight.

A 3-9X40 magnified scope.

That same scope on my KART M14 EBR.

Another magnified scope. This one is smaller in size and is a 4X32 and is just about right for most airsoft players who want a magnified scope.


JUST IN: New items and websites worth checking out.

CQB Radio was on - check them out at

- - check them out, especially the links.
- - new items like the JG GBB Glock.
- - the DBOYS full-metal PDW

That's Episode 4. Vote in our polls and send me some airsoft names for my 2 doggs - Griffin and Caroline. Leave a review for us on iTunes, and check back often to see updates here on the blog.

Thanks, and keep on firin',

Friday, June 26, 2009

AGM all-metal 416 update

Ox's AGM all-metal 416 is working. The repair process - well, for now it was just putting in a new mechbox. The old one is still under repair. However, with the new mechbox and a 9.6 crane stock battery, the gun is screaming. He's using it this weekend in a skirmish and we'll see how it goes.

Episode 4 is in the final editing stages and will be up on July 1st. Scout the Doggie, JP from Alleyway Airsoft, and much more. Check it out in a few days.

Keep on firin',

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reminder - Taking care of your Mag and Mechbox springs

As you can see, I've been using the TSD-SD45 UMP - here are a few shots of the magazine.

I was finishing up my firing test with it and just wanted to remind us all about the importance of releasing your mag spring (either hi-cap or mid-cap) when you are done with your gun. In both types, you want to aim your mag into a box or bowl that is lined with something soft so the BBs don't bounce all over the place (even you hand will work). Then, pull back on the tiny lever (shown in this pic below - it's just above the round feeding tip) and release all BBs. This makes sure the spring is in its "released" position, leaving it with no tension on it and giving it a longer lifespan.

TSD SD-45 UMP mag - strange looking mags, but pretty nice gun.

You've probably heard this as well, but when you are done shooting your AEG, take out your mag, and fire a few rounds on semi-auto. This will put the spring into the "released" position (no tension on it) and again, it will help save the life of your spring. To make sure your gun is truly empty, you might want to turn it upside down and shoot a few rounds off - this can sometimes get out a few lagging BBs.

Ok - off to do some work and then get cracking on podcast editing.
Keep on firin',

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Episode 3 and an update on the AGM 416

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Well, I told you in Episode 3 that I'd give you an up-date on the AGM all-metal 416. We reviewed this in Episode 2 and soon after, it stopped functioning. Looks like some major issues - piston is busted and gear tooth broke off. Can't say this is standard for AGM since many of their AEGs have been pretty good for people. Once Ox gets it repaired, we'll give another update, but for now - waiting on some replacement parts.

~The AGM all-metal 416 - down, but not down for the count~

Also, Maine Airsoft has made some changes - check out the new site at - nice work, Savage.

We've got some exciting stuff lined-up for the July podcast - stay tuned.