Monday, May 28, 2012

SALE! CQB Radio's Clearing Out Shop

Hey all,
I've got a lot of airsoft guns and gear, and it's time to clean house a bit.  Here's what's for sale.

The King Arms SIG 556 Shorty with RIS up-front.  This guy comes with a mag, flip-up sights, AND the electric blow-back feature.  Sweet gun.  Never been fielded, just reviewed.
ORIGINAL PRICE: $299.  CQB Radio Price: $130.  

 The RIS up front.

The Echo 1 SCAR-H.  Comes with 2-hi cap mags and a battery.
Original price: $210.  CQB Radio Price: $140.

The SRC RPK.  Full-wood and metal, bipod, and comes with a drum mag.
Original Price: $300.  CQB Radio Price: $190.

Check out the Ares G36C with H&K trades AND with the quick-change spring system.  This gun has rails up front, comes with a mag, has a locking bolt, folding stock, and ambidextrous features.  Never been fielded, just reviewed.
ORIGINAL COST: $280.  CQB Radio Price: $140.

Voodoo Tactical Chest Rig in OD.  Comes with 9 pouches- 3 larger ones down the middle and 3 smaller ones on each side.

ORIGINAL COST: $30.  CQB Radio Price: $15.

Different vert grips -
CQB Radio Price: $6 each.

Bi-pod - extendable and collapsible legs. QD to put on and take off.
CQB Radio Price: $8

OD 2-to-3 point sling.  Great for M4, M16, M14, and more.
Original Price: $15.  CQB Radio Price: $8

UTG 4X32 Scope. Comes with scope rings (QD) and the rear ring had small rails to add a red-dot to if you'd like.  Also comes with lens covers as well.
Original Price: $40.  CQB Radio Price: $18.

Another scope - Golden Image. 4X32 with QD rings.
Original Price: $32.  CQB Radio Price: $14.

Digital Woodland Boonie. Barely worn.
CQB Radio Price: $5

Multicam Baseball Hat.  Velcro on front, back, and top.
Made by Condor, adjustable.
Original Price: $12.  CQB Radio Price: $6.

Woodland Camo Boonie. Never worn.
CQB Radio Price: $4

Multicam boonie.  Never worn.  Made by Propper.
Original Price: $18.  CQB Radio Price: $10.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Airsoft Wear AZ - Check them out!

Check out - some really great designs for airsoft t-shirts - and much more.
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-  Carp

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are you A Non-Permissive Environment Specialist?

Most people in the real steel and airsoft world's know Travis Haley by now.  If you've seen pics of him or  been on his website, you've probably seen the image below floating around.  If you aren't familiar with the story behind this picture and phrase, here's what JC from Haley Strategic says about it:

The Non-Permissive Environment Specialist patch dates back to a story I heard years ago when going the research for Black Powder/Red Earth graphic novel and games.  A low-vis team was rolling through Basra when they got compromised and were surrounded by a crowd.  Falijah-style, the crowd tried to get the guys out of the car, attempting to break the glass and roll the vehicle.  When it came down to it, the team cracked the doors on their hard skin, dropped some frags, and scattered the crowd.  They then came out with SAWs and fought their way to a hard point where

a helo extracted them.

So here's the gut-check.  While most of us will never have to be in that kind of situation, in what kind of environments do you perform best?  Are you a person who just does well when things are going smoothly, or can you man up to challenges (even ones that are unfair or unjust)?  Do you look at life and say, "Oh please don't" or do you say "Bring it"?  We need more Non-Permissive Environment Specialists today.

- Carp

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CQB Radio - Episode 31: Crosman Controversy

CQB Radio - Episode 31 is here.
Get it at on iTunes or at

Email is
We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype as well.

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- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Airsoft ops in New England and beyond
- Assessment: Crosman CP01 CO2 pistol, Thunder-B grenades
- Tricks of the Trade: Infidel Airsoft Team from California
- Loadout: Matrix Knee and elbow pads, Matrix drop-leg panel, AIM Sports 4X32 scope, UTG QD bi-pod, Mag Grips AFG kit
- Just In: Eric tells us what's new to the airsoft market
- Closing


First up, the CP01 from Crosman.  E-mail me your thoughts on this gun - good for the airsoft community or not? 

All boxed up

A look at the CP01 unboxed.

Everything you get with it.

Some 'training' resources.

Thunder-Bs - a great item for airsofters, just use them safely.


In TOTT we talked with Brian from the Infidel Airsoft team.  These guys are hard-core airsofters - check them out on Facebook and on YouTube.


First up, the Matrix knee and elbow pads.

Here's making the 'velcro sandwich' I was talking about on the show.

Here's what they look like on.

The Mag Grips AFG kit - GREAT item, glad to have it.

Unique and pretty smooth to use - the Matrix Drop-leg panel.  It's made to grab mag fast and get em' into your AEG.

Wearing it.

The AIM Sports 4X32 scope with fiber-optic sights - sweeeeet...

Last up, the UTG Harris-style QD bipod.

And just for kicks, the A&K MK46.  Enjoy.

That's all - keep on firin',