Sunday, November 28, 2010

A GREAT deal from Airsoft Fix

Hey CQB Radio fans,
Here's a great deal from one of our sponsors - Check it out! Go to for more info.

Click on this link to see ALL the deals!

Podcast in the works.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CQB Radio: MiniCast 20.5

Here it is - CQB Radio: MiniCast 20.5

You can get it at or on iTunes

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Listen for a chance to win the new G36C from H&K/Ares in the December podcast (thanks to Pyramyd Air for partnering with us for this contest).

Echo 1 has their new LMG out.

Magpul has a foldable stock for the Masada.

These lower-face masks are getting more and more popular.

Javelin - their new M24 sniper rifle.

New G&G Top Tech 416 models

Javelin's also making new AEGs with blowback - here are a few...

and here are a few more - tactical AKs - interesting.

King Arms has a Thompson out.

This is a new thing to the market - the 1911 conversion kit.

Classic Army/Magpul PTS Sportline - nice looking AEG.

S-Thunder is now on Facebook.

Airsoft Extreme is carrying a bunch of lower-cost shotguns.


Check out this video of the new S-Thunder Pistol Grip grenade launchers.


G&P M16A3 - really nice AEG, a little sticky with the trigger though.

Micro-red dot from AMP - nice, a little dim, but nice.

Really like the J-Rich M900 vert grip/flash light combo. Much less expensive than the Surefire.

And that's all. Enjoy and talk to you in December.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Dr. Airsoft Video

Here's another new video from Dr. Airsoft - check it out!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

New items from S-Thunder

Check out this overview of 2 new pistol-grip grenade launchers from S-Thunder.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 20 - 6mm Aftershock

Hey CQB Radio fans,
Episode 20 is out. Get it on iTunes and at

WEBSITE: You're on it.

CQB Radio: Episode 20 - 6mm Aftershock

- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Montana Airsoft and AAR of Climb to Glory
- Assessment: G&G GR16, Crosman Stinger S34P, KWA MP9, SRC G36E
- Tricks of the Trade: Ollie from Arnie's Airsoft
- Loadout: Flakjak goggles, M9 Serpa, Voodoo Tactical 9-pocket chest rig, 5.11 multicam shirt, and the VISM Scope with integrated laser
- Dr. Airsoft - An airsoft event in California (some play-by-play)
- Retailer Review: Ox talks about
- Just In: Eric tells us about new airsoft items
- Closing

Congrats to Thomas who won the Irene Adaptive Sling.

Stay tuned for an opportunity to with the new ARES H&K G36c with a red-dot, BBs, and a gun bag.


We heard from Brian of Montana first.

And then we heard an A.A.R. of Operation Climb To Glory from Eric.


First up, a surprise phone-in review from Ox of his G&G GR16

Next up, the Crosman Stinger S34P (it's the UTG M3L - same thing!) Thanks Pyramyd Air.

Then we looked at the very nice KWA MP9 - also from Pyramyd Air.

Last up, the SRC G36E from Pyramyd Air.


In Tricks of the Trade, we spoke with Ollie from Arnie's Airsoft. The website is - check it out!


Ox talked about the Flakjack goggles.

Then we looked at the Serpa M9 holster from Airsplat.

Combat Sport Supply sent us the Voodoo Tactical 9-pocket chest-rig. Light-weight and well-made.

Eric told us about the 5.11 multicam shirt.

And then we got this VISM Scope with built-in laser from Vertex Airsoft.


Dr. Airsoft and his friend Larry played airsoft at Airsoft Battleground in California. Check out this play-by-play of their time there.


Ox talked to us about in the Retailer Review part of the show.

Eric reviewed some new items to the airsoft world - like this new Condor fleece at Airsoft Extreme.

Evike is carrying this beast!

And that's all. Apologies about so many "stock" photos. In an attempt to clean up my computer, I accidentally deleted all my pics for this show. Very smooth.

Keep on firn',