Sunday, February 28, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 12 - I've Seen The Light...

Check out to see this gun transform right there in front of your eyes.

CQB Radio: Episode 12 - I've Seen The Light...
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CQB Radio: Episode 12 - I've Seen The Light
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on The Street: On hold
- Assessment: Sig 556, SOCOM SOF M9, G&P Masada, KJW P226
- Tricks of the Trade: Tony from the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo
- Loadout: Tac lights, 2 red dots, and multicam
- Dr. Airsoft: Laser safety
- Retailer Review: Rick from Airsoft Station
- Just In: New items to the airsoft world
- Closing

Introduction and Welcome
First off, a shout out to Jack our airsoft friend who's in Afghanistan. Also a huge shout out to his fellow soliders over there. Here's a photo he sent to me.

Also, a huge shout out to SOCOM Gear for their donation of the SOCOM M9 for review. Check them out at

Don't forget - the Echo 1 M4 Platinum and the TSD MP7 contest is only going on for a few more days. A winner will be picked soon.

First up, the SIG 556 that came to us from Pyramyd Air.

Here's what you get in the box. Overall, a nicely made AEG.

And here it is with a red dot (the same one I talk about in Loadout).

Next up was the SOCOM Gear SOF M9.

Here's what you get in the box - the gun, the silencer, and the instruction manual too.

Here it is geeked out a bit - what a sweet GBB pistol.

JP from Alleyway Airsoft helped us out with a review of the G&P Masada.

And last up was the KJW P226 from Airsplat.

A solid, compact pistol for airsofters.

I'll review this shell in the future, but in the mean time, check out and watch their video on the EGO M203 shell.

Tricks of the Trade
In Tricks of the Trade, we talked with Tony from the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo.

First up in Loadout was the AMP tactical rifle light from Airsoft Extreme.

What a great rifle light - really nice item.

Second up, we had the UTG multi-functional light from Airsoft Station. Pictures are forthcoming.

Then we talked about this cantilever red-dot also from Airsoft Station.

Here it is on the SIG 556.

The Walther red-dot - a low-profile red dot from Pyramyd Air.

A nice red-dot from a great company.

Lastly in Loadout was a multicam BDU review from Ox. We got this BDU from Gorilla Tactical (

Here is a pic of the multicam blouse in some New England woods.

And here is a woodland BDU vs. the multicam BDU.

Dr. Airsoft
Dr. Airsoft helped us out in this section as he talked about laser safety. Check his site out at

Retailer Review
Our Retailer Review was an interview with Rick from Airsoft Station. Check them out at

Just In
Some new items for Just In. Here's the ARES SR-25 in tan at

And the multi-barrel M203 launcher at Evike.

That's it. Enjoy the show and stay tuned to see who wins the 2 AEGs.

Keep on firin',

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick update on Pyramyd Gear

Hey everyone,

Just an FYI that Pyramyd Gear ( has decided to change direction and is no longer operating as Pyramyd Gear. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more info on this.

Next podcast is in the works - just a few more days.

Keep on firin',

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New AEGs at Airsoft Station

Hey CQB Radio fans,

Check out to see some new AEGs that they are carrying, including the SWEET Type 97 from Real Sword. What a beauty!

New podcast out soon.

Keep on firin',