Sunday, November 24, 2013

NcSTAR Tactical Molle Backpack from Airsoft Atlanta

Today on the CQB Radio blog, we are looking at this - the NcSTAR Tactical MOLLE Backpack. You can find it over at Airsoft Atlanta HERE for only $24.99.  As you can tell, I got mine in OD Green, but it also comes in Black, Tan, and ACU.  And, as noted below, this is from their VISM line of gear.


Let's start with some of the specs:
- Main Pocket = 18x12x6
- Side Pockets = 5x5x1.5
- Front Top Pocket = 8x4.5x2
- Front Bottom Pocket = 9.5x9.5x3

If you are looking for a low-cost but very versatile pack, this one should be checked-out for sure.  Here you can see the two side pockets - one up top, one down below, and you've also go a solidly-constructed handle in the middle, so it's easy to grab the bag no matter what angle it's jammed into your car or in a closet.

Another shot of the handle on the side of the bag.

As you can see from pretty much all of the photos, this thing has MOLLE webbing all over, so if you've got a few other MOLLE pouches, you can certain strap them onto this bad boy.  Basically, other than my AEG, this thing can hold everything I need to take to a day-long airsoft op.  Here's a list of some items you can pack in here:
- Boots
- Socks
- Goggles
- BBs
- Mags
- Tac vest
- Gloves
- Knee pads
- Belt
- Pouches
- Goggle spray
- Dead rag

Basically, it'll fit it all, and you can just keep your AEG and sidearm in a gun bag.

Looking at it here, you can see the the set-up for pockets is as follows: two on the left side, two on the right side, one main compartment, and then two more compartments (one up, one down) on the front side facing you.

Up top - you guessed it - another handle to grab the bag.  And below the handle you can see a little window where you can put your info so we all know whose bag it is.  (Side-note: the photo colors change a little depending on how close I got the camera to the bag.  The bag is all the same color - OD Green).

One the sides, you can see that compression straps are also included.  You can certainly add more gear/pouches on these straps, but they are intended to compress the bag down to make it as stream-lined as possible.  Two on the left, and two on the right = total of four compression straps.

Let's talk about your carrying straps.  You get adjustable shoulder straps with D-rings included to attach whatever items you might want easily accessible.  You can also see there is a sternum strap included so that will give you more stability and control of the pack as you hike/move/crawl with it.

Down below, you have a waist strap that is fully adjustable.

Here's a view of the bag from the side.  You can see the compression straps in use here, as well as the handle up top.

The main compartment is, well, huge.  For a backpack of this size, I was pretty shocked at how large this main section. was.  And a plus - the zippers go all the way around and all the way down so you can fold the front down like so.

Inside the main compartment...another compartment.  This is about half the size of the panel, and can hold whatever your little heart desires.

Peeking finger = opening to run your hose for a hydration bladder.

Missing hand = storage for hydration bladder or other items inside the main compartment.

Overall, for $25, I'd call this a steal.  A smaller bag from some of the big name companies out there will run you over $100 EASY, so think that you could get one of these, use it, have it wear out, get ANOTHER ONE, use it, have it wear out, get ANOTHER ONE, use it, have it wear out, and then get ANOTHER ONE, and use it and you'd be even for what you spend on the super-high-end tactical bags.  BUT WAIT...
NcSTAR has one of the best warranty's in the U.S.  Check out the specifics HERE, but basically they told our friend Thumpy that if it breaks, no matter what, they will fix it.  Nice eh?

Find this pack and many others over at Airsoft Atlanta - CLICK HERE!

Keep on firin',