Friday, June 10, 2011

Custom AEGs from Booligan

If you want a flippin' SWEET AEG, check out my man Booligan's stuff.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

CQB Radio - Episode 25: Makin' It Happen

CQB Radio - Episode 25: Makin' It Happen
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I couldn't make it, but here's Ox and Saint at OP Wolves of Russia. Way to take it to em', fellas.


Keep your eyes peeled for Maryland Tactical, an up-and-coming airsoft unit in MD.

SB798 is going to impact the entire airsoft world. Check out for more info on it. Let your voice be heard!

Shout out to Zombie from Maine and the crew at Army Barracks. - check out this site.


First up, the ASC-Heavy from Echo 1.

Trades and ambi selector switch.

ASC flash hider - unique.

Next, the ARES Tavor (TAR21) from Airsoft Station.

And then the G&G FN2000 from Pyramyd Air. Check it out here:


In Tricks of the Trade we talked with Matt from Airsoft Pacific - great stuff happening out there on the West Coast.


Vert grip from Folds up, folds down, and extends out too.

Here it is on the Echo 1 Red Star Covert (to be reviewed on the next show).

Magpul XMT Rail Cover from Combat Sport Supply. Very comfortable and easy to cut to fit your rails. Here they are on my G&G Combat Machine CQB.

Condor Radio Pouch from Evike - great item for your FRS radios. Attach to your vest or chest rig and rock-and-roll.

The Condor multiwrap from Airsplat. Nice item and cooler than most other scarves.

Here's the new 8-In-Line M4 mag pouch from L.A. Police Gear. Great item!


In the Retailer Review, I talked about my experience with Redwolf Airsoft.


Eric covered Just In for us. Here's the Echo 1 M4 Platinum with a RIS up front.

Texas 911 Gear is carrying all kinds of Thunder-Bs.

And our buddies over at Airsoftology are Back In The Saddle Again - check out their latest shows.

OK - that's it. Download and enjoy.

Keep in firin',

Comparing the SIG and M4 Families

Tim and Bob compare 2 classic guns - the M4 CQB and the SIG 551.

Podcast almost done...
- Carp