Sunday, October 23, 2011

New video review of red dots

Check it out - enjoy and subscribe.
- Carp

Sunday, October 16, 2011

CQB Radio: Episode 27 - Chris Costa is the Man

CQB Radio: Episode 27 is here.
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And yes, as you can see - Costa is the man.

Here's what we've got in this show.
- Word on the Street: Airsoft events and ops
- Assessment: Pistol 40 mm shell launcher, the OA AEG, and the JG Bar-10
- Tricks of the Trade: NJ Airsoft League
- Loadout: Goggle wipes, patches, a fleece hat, and the Magpul trigger guard
- Just In: New items in the airsoft world
- Closing

Thanks to Jacob for this find - Wounded Warrior sweatshirts in Virginia.

Airsoft Squared ( has new updates to their site - check it out!

At RPC there are some cool events coming up for New England airsoft players.

The AABB 40mm shell launcher

All opened-up.

The OA AEG = The Over-Accessorized AEG

Base gun - the SOCOM Gear SOPMOD

VLTOR Stock from Evike
Magpul ASAP sling plate

MBUS sights

Magpul E-mag

Magpul AFG (version 1)

ICS QD(ish) silencer

Leapers scope from Pyramyd Air

Leapers scope mount from Pyramyd Air

ICS M203 launcher from Pyramyd Air

JG Bar 10 - thanks Kaiser for your review.

New Jersey Airsoft League

Here are some guys from NJ at a HITS training.

Fogtech wipes from Airsoft Fix.

S.O. Patches are available at Combat Sport Supply

A nice Voodoo Tactical fleece cap

And that's all the pics. Enjoy the show.
- Carp

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Story of Surefire

Hey CQB Radio listeners and fans,

Check out this vid - gives you a great history of SureFire.

- Carp

Friday, October 7, 2011

New from G&G

Check out this new AEG from G&G: CLICK HERE

- Carp

Monday, October 3, 2011

New QD Sling Swivels from Madbull

Here are some more great products from Madbull - QD sling swivels.
Check here for more items from Madbull Airsoft.
- Carp