Sunday, January 30, 2011

New TSD Sniper reviews

Here are 2 reviews of new sniper rifles from TSD. Thanks to Airsoft Station for helping us out on this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New AirsoftGI sniper rifle

In my opinion, this is how to test a sniper rifle. Can it shoot well at 100 feet? Great, but so can an AEG. Can it shoot well at 150-200 feet? Now we're talking.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Magpul at Shot Show 2011 - AK Masada and more

More from Shot Show 2011.

New Products from Shot Show 2011

Check out what KWA has at Shot Show 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CQB Radio: Episode 22 - Welcome To 2011

Sniper in training...

CQB Radio: Episode 22 - Welcome To 2011

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CQB Radio: Episode 22 - Welcome To 2011
- Intro and Welcome
- Word On The Street: A few wintertime ops
- Assessment: TM FN57, G&G Raiders, UTG Master Sniper Rifle
- Tricks Of The Trade: Micha from Cidasoft Airsoft
- Loadout: Bioshot and G4 BBs, AEG Wizard
- Retailer Review: EHobbyAsia
- Just In: New Airsoft Items
- Closing

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Check out The Citadel for indoor games all-year long.

First up, the TM FN57.

Nice trades.

Some internals.

A unique and quality GBB pistol. Thanks to Kaiser for the review.

Next up, the G&G Raider - both full-length and CQB.

Here's what's in the box.

The CQB version.

Here's the front rail system.

And the G&G logo.

Rear sight - adjutable and removable.

Crane stock to hold your battery.

Mag with NATO markings.

Looking at both versions here.

Looking at the front end of the G&G Raiders.

Here's mine all geeked-out.

Next up, the UTG Master Sniper rifle.

In the box...

Ready to roll.

A Leapers 4X32 scope (not included).

The included bipod.

The bolt and safety.

Check out our interview with Micha from Cidasoft Airsoft.

All about BBs.

First up, the Bioshot BBs from

Next up, G4 BBs from AirsoftGI.

Lastly, we talked about the AEG Wizard from Texas911 Gear.

We talked here about EHobby Asia

Eric covered Just In - check out the free gas can from Airsplat.

Art of the Tactical Shotgun is out at AEX.

And EBAirsoft has a ton of cool gear.

That's it for the show - enjoy.

Keep on firin',