Friday, July 31, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 5: Well What Do We Have Here

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CQB Radio - Episode 5: Well What Do We Have Here
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street: The latest New England airsoft news
- Assessment: 4 reviews: TSD MP7, Echo 1 SG TFB6 MP5 Electric Blowback, CYMA CM035, and the LR300 by A&K
- Tricks of the Trade: Airsoft Repairs with Kevin from
- Loadout: Vests
- Retailer Review: Airsplat
- Just In: New sites, great sites, new items

Louisana Airsoft Players - check out for more information on playing airsoft in your state.

CQB Radio would like to welcome 4 new retail supporters of the podcast - Texas 911 Gear, Airsplat, Pyramyd Air, and Airsoft Extreme. Check out their sites:

Update from the podcast - we've now reached 62 countries. Greetings from the States to all our CQB Radio listeners around the world.

A update on events in New England.

- New England Airsoft News and
- New Hampshire: Feel Good Farms
- Vermont: Joint Field Training Exercise at GMSOG -

- Massachusetts: Janus 2 -

- Maine: Operation Jawbreaker -

- Connecticut -
- RhodeIsland -

ASSESSMENT: Our first gun in Assessment was the TSD MP7. Thanks to Texas 911 Gear for sending this item to review.

What it looks like when it arrives.

And in the box you will find...

The extendable stock is a nice feature.

The verticle foregrip - some issues, but a nice addition to this item.

The TSD MP7 - a compact little AEG.

Our 2nd gun was the Echo SG TFB6 MP5 Electric Blowback. Thanks to Pyramyd Air for allowing us to review this fine AEG.

Some nice box art from Echo 1.

Here's what you'll find in the box.

The retractable stock on this MP5.

The blowback feature is great, and you don't need to pop open a dust cover to see it.

A very nice AEG from Echo 1 - they continue to impress.
AEG #3 was the CYMA CM035. Thanks to for sending me this item to review.

The unopened box.

And everything that comes with it.

The skeleton stock fold solidly onto the left side of the gun.

The fore grip should be wood, but the plastic seems average in strength.

The CYMA CM035 - ready to roll out.

And lastly in Assessment was the A&K LR300, and again, another gun sent along from

Pretty exciting box, huh?

In the box are all kinds of cool items.

The skeleton stock is very, very solid.

The fore grip is a bit different than an M4 or M16.

The pistol grip is one of the nicest I've ever seen on an airsoft AEG.

A really nice option for airsofters - the A&K LR300.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: In Tricks of the Trade we talked with Kevin from about airsoft repairs and up-grades.

LOADOUT: Loadout was all about vests.

Vest #1 - the Airsoft Tactical vest (aslo knwn as the Cross-draw vest). This item came from

A great vest with lots of pouches.

Here's the same vest in digital woodland camo.

Vest #2 - the MOLLE vest from Condor.

And without any of the pouches.

VEST #3 - USMC Assault Plat Carrier.

Following that, we talked about the Delta MOLLE Hydration Combat Vest.

Vest # 5 was the USMC Combat Carrier Vest.

Light-weight and easy to load up.

#6 was the UTG Law Enforcement SWAT vest. Thanks to Pyramyd Air for this vest.

A unique vest with lots of pouches for your gear.

Next up - the EB RRV with 100-ounce HAWG. If you carry gear into battle, you'll love this one.

Room for more gear on your back, as well as room for your hydration bladder.

And last but not least was the MOLLE Plate Carrier in multicam - sent to us from - thanks guys.

A big, beefy vest - the most rugged airsoft vest I've ever seen.

RETAILER REVIEW: Our retailer review was a feature on Check out their site, their blog, thier YouTube page, and don't forget they are on Twitter.

JUST IN: All kinds of new gear on the market, as well as new websites out there.
- Check out for updates on airsoft news.
- JG has a less expensive Barrett - the M99.

- It's been out a while, but just a little reminder of how nice the new A&K MK43 is.

- Echo 1's new tracer unit is a cool item.

- Gunner Airsoft has started to make custom guns - check out
- Pyramyd Air is carrying this gas-powered mulit-shot shotgun from Walther.

And that's all, folks. Please leave us a review on iTunes if you would.

Stay safe, and keep on firin',