Thursday, July 10, 2014

Voodoo Tactical Bones Shooter Gloves

They are just cool.  I mean let's admit it - they are just cool.  Am I right?  Yes, gloves are functional but it doesn't hurt when they look cool too.  These are the Voodoo Tactical Bones Shooter gloves.  You can get them in black with grey, orange, or white - just CLICK HERE to head over to Airsplat to get them.  And they only cost $15 a pair.

Here's a look at one from the top.

And here's the thumb-side.

And the palm-side.

Why wear gloves?  Here are a few reasons:
1. It hurts less when you get shot
2. You put your hand in an ant nest during an op - less pain if you have gloves on.
3. You're crawling over a tree and you rake you hand on something jagged - gloves help protect.
4. They look cool
5. They don't really hinder your function much
6. They look cool

Here are the specs on these gloves:
- Hook and Loop closure
- Spandex nylon back
- Cool VT logo and bones imprints
- Synthetic leather palm
- Quick-drying material

Here's a look at the hook and loop.

And holding my 1911.  No prob for function at all.

And just to show you that you hand can still comfortably fit inside the trigger guard with gloves on...

You can spend all kinds of money on gloves, but you don't need to.  Just get these and make it happen, cap'n.  Thanks to Airsplat for making this review possible.  Check them out HERE.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

New BBs from Command Airsoft

What else can I say?  They've got new BBs made for CAT Airsoft and I've got them out to airsoft buddies to review.  Check them out HERE for .20s, HERE for .25s, and HERE for .30s.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

So You Wanna Be An Airsoft Ref, Huh?

Maybe it's at your local CQB facility.  Maybe it's at the ops you go to each month.  Maybe it's even for something like the Lion's Claw Series.  Or maybe you are thinking about starting your own airsoft field.  Whatever it is - you want to start officiating.  So what gear do you need?

For me, there are 3 main areas to consider when it comes to be an airsoft official: safety, visibility, and gear you'll need - and Airsplat can cover it all for you.  Let's start off talking about safety and visibility.  These 2 are linked because if you can't be seen, if you look like another player sneaking around in the woods, you are likely to get shot, and you are also likely (once you are shot) to be distracted from taking care of your officiating duties.

That said, you'll need to be safe and seen.  If you are looking for a full-face mask, this one is my favorite.  It's going to be a little warmer than some others, but it is stinkin' cool.  It's Snake Eyes, people - it's gotta be cool.  Here's the link: SNAKE EYES MASK.

Now if you aren't going to run with a full mask, I'd recommend you use full-seal goggles and some sort of lower-face guard as well.  These goggles from Bobster are a nice option.  They come with 2 lenses and as you can see, these ones are tinted to make it a little easier on your eyes during the day.  Here's the link: BOBSTER GOGGLES.

When it comes to lower-face coverage, there are 2 schools of thought.  One says wear mesh because its cooler and the mesh is metal, thus begin safer.  The downside to these kinds of masks is that if a BB shattes, it can get through the mask.  The other school of thought is wearing some sort of neoprene.  The good part about this kind is that they are full-coverage of your lower face.  The downside is that since its right against your face, any hits will sting a bit more.  My preference is for the mesh kind both because of the protection and the breathability.  Here's one from Bravo: BRAVO LOWER FACE MASK.

If you want to be extra cautious (read: smart), I'd also recommend some neck protection.  All you need is a SAW gunner to think you're in the game as OPFOR and get lit up in the neck.  A nice, light-weight option is this Condor Airsoft Sniper Multi-Wrap.  It's not super heavy but if you get it around your neck, you've got some extra protection.  Check it out here: CONDOR SNIPER MULTI-WRAP.

On to hand protection.  Once again, Airsplat has a lot, but I think these from Voodoo Tactical are cool looking and with the orange, they will make you stand out a bit.  They are also a little more maneuverable than some other gloves so you can operate a radio or other kit more easily.  Check them out here:

When it comes to your upper body, I think this is the area where visibility is most vital.  Here's a great option - this high-vis sweatshirt.  Now, given it may be too hot to wear this some part of the year, but at least here in New England where we play in the spring and fall, this would be money.  And if you are playing at an indoor CQB facility that has air conditioning, this is worth considering.  Also, you can get it as a hoode with or without the zipper.  Check it out: HI-VIS SWEATSHIRT.

If you can't swing the full sweatshirt, here's a vest.  Again high-vis.  Check it out here: HI-VIS VEST.

Some people like to wear a chest rig or some sort of MOLLE to carry pouches with water bottles, radios, game info, etc.  I think this NcSTAR First Responder Bag is a better option.  Low-cost and high-value, and it can carry a ton of items while you're officiating.  Simple and lots 'o' pockets - check it out: NCSTAR FIRST RESPONDER BAG.


There's a lot more than gear when it comes to airsoft officiating, but at least you've got the gear covered now.  Check out AIRSPLAT for more gear that will fit your airsoft needs.  Thanks for checking out this post.

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