Friday, September 27, 2013

Tactical Operator BDU Pants from Rothco

A lot of us want to wear something other than just standard camo BDUs when we are airsofting, and Airsplat has brought us an inexpensive option from Rothco.  These are the Rothco Tactical Operator BDU Pants and you can get them by clicking HERE.  Take a look at them below.

Here are the specs:
- 55% cotton, 45% polyester
- Adjustable waist tabs
- Button fly
- Two front slash pockets
- Two button-down back pockets
- Two thigh pockets
- Reinforced knees and seat
- Double-stitched seans
- Drawstrings on the ankles
- 1 7/8 inch belt loops
- Cost at Airsplat: $25.49
- Colors available: Tan and Black

As you can see, I took a bunch of pics so you can have a sense of what these pants have to offer.  If you like the shirt I'm wearing, a review of them is coming soon, but you can check out Cast Gear HERE.

But back to the pants.  They come in a variety of sizes, and as you can see they have a button front, button fly, and adjustable waist tabs, so as long as you get them in a size close to yours, you can adjust them to loosen up or tighten up a bit.

A big deal for me is the knee area of pants. If I have to crawl around on a the ground, I want something that's durable.  Well, these guys have reinforced knees, so - check.

The large cargo (thigh) pockets offer you plenty of space to store items,  They are button-down pockets, so if you need quick access to something, I'd recommend you leave them un-buttoned, but just be aware that whatever you have in there is more likely to fall out if you don't have them secured shut.  Your call.  But bottom line, you've got lots of storage space in your cargo pockets.

Here's a look at the side.  Standard side pockets (no buttons - which I prefer).


Sorry.  Anyhow, back pockets are button-down as well and you can see, just with the 6 pockets, you've got storage space for dead rags, a granola bar - whatever you can fit in them.


As you can see here, there are ties on the ankles if you so desire.

These pants were notably comfortable to wear.  They don't repel water like something that has less cotton, but you sacrifice that for overall comfort I think.  I wore these to work one day and didn't feel like I was in some sort of BDU.  Overall, for less than $30, I think these are a good deal at Airsplat.  Could you get a more rugged pair of tactical pants out there?  Certainly (5.11 is a good option), and you'll pay twice as much for them (the 5.11 tactical pants run over $50).  For a basic, comfortable pair of non-100% cotton tactical pants, these are worth checking out.  Head over to Airsplat (click HERE) to check them out.

- Carp

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Condor Rigger's Belt

Today we are talking rigger's belts.  Before we get into the specs on this one (from Condor and available at Evike HERE for $25), let's talk about rigger's belts in general.  Rigger's belts are a high-duty, heavy-use belt that a variety of tactical manufacturers make.  These are not just a belt made out of webbing - these things are beastly.  The webbing used is durable and usually thicker that rock climbing webbing, and the buckles are usually highly durable as well.  The harness is forged steel and has an 8,000 pound tensile strength.

Rigger's belts are all about carrying and bearing weight.  You can put a ton of gear (holster, pistol, mags, pouches, etc.) on a rigger's belt and, if it's well made, it will hold and and not sag under the weight.

Let's talk a look at this one from Condor. You can get it over at Evike in Tan, Black, Foliage, and OD.  The sizes run from Small to Extra Large.  This one is tan and (as you'll see) is Medium/Large.  I actually had to send the Large back because it was too big for me (I'm was a 38 when I got the Large and it was way too big).

Here's a look at the belt straight on.

A look at the belt from the top.

And the size is located on outside of the belt under the Condor logo.

Putting on the belt - well, it's not rocket science.  You run the belt through your belt loops on your pants and then back between the moving metal slide on the front.  It's got velcro on it and a lot of it, so if you do it right, this thing will stay ON.

A look at the hardware - all metal.

Take a look at the stitching on the back.  This thing is made to be USED.

Here's what it looks like on.  The smaller piece of webbing on the right of this photo is for you to make any final, minor adjustments.  Also, note that it'll take some time to 'break in'.  If the belt seems very stiff, that's good - that means it's made well and it should be (for the first few times using) a little hard to get on and set up.

You can loop the velcro back UNDER your pants belt look, but the velcro grabs so much that I find that a serious pain.  If I was using this to bear some serious weight, I would do so, but in general I don't find it necessary.

So who is this for?   First off, it's a good investment for $25.  You can wear this day-in and day-out and it'll hold up for a long time.  So I'd say if you just want a hearty belt that'll last - this is a good option.  Secondly, in relation to airsoft, if you prefer to go high-speed/low-drag, this might be something to pick up.  Let's say you don't want to run a vest or chest rig.  No problem.  Toss a few mag pouches on here, maybe a dump pouch, and a small utility pouch, and you're good to go.  Can you do that on a lower-cost belt?  Well, you CAN, but you can also walk to Boston from Maine, but I think driving makes more sense.  This belt will hold up and it won't sag, thereby keeping your gear in place and your pants...well...on.

Thanks to Evike for their sponsorship of this review.

- Carp

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Folding Knife from Condor

OK, let's talk knives and airsoft.  Of course, some people use fake knives for airsoft, but what place does a real knife have in airsoft?  Good question, and a fair one.  First off, I'd say for many airsofters, they don't have a place, so don't bother getting one (not to be too blunt here). But for those of us who know how to handle a blade - and by that I mean to use it as a tool, not as a fighting weapon - a nice pocket knife can be helpful.

When I get a new item and I want to take off tags, labels, or other things that are hanging on, say, a mag pouch - well, a knife can come in handy.  When it's a lunch break and I need to bust open a bag of something to cook over my camping stove back in the prep area - a knife would be handy.  So for those kinds of needs (AND NOT ON THE FIELD), I think this Condor Barracuda could be useful.

Check it out HERE from Airsplat.

Let's start with some specs:
Blade Material - Sand-blasted AUS8 blade steel
Length: 8 inches overall, 3.3 inch blade, 4.5 inches folded
Handle: G10
Pocket clip: adjustable 4 ways
Opening: Thumb stud and slipper
Weight: 4.3 oz.

We all know Condor makes some very popular tactical gear that airsofters use, but now they have broken into the tactical/folding knife market.  This one comes in a plan edge and one with a serrated edge as well.  I prefer a plain edge, but that's just my taste.

This blade fits comfortably in my hand and I'm 6 foot 2, so if you have smaller hands, it'll be plenty big.

Again, it's made of AUS8 steel - good, pretty easy to sharpen up.

As you can see it has a liner lock.  No issues here - just a heads up on how it locks open.

 To give you a little size comparison, I compared it to an AK and M4 mag.  As you can see, it's not too big, and it's about 1/2 this size when it's all folded up.

Overall, a nice blade.  It'll hold an edge for you and when you are prepping for an op, it might be just what you needed in the parking lot or staging area.  Again, I would NOT recommend having this on the field - it's just asking to be lost or for an accident.  Play safe, leave the knife in the car, and as always - keep on firin'.

Big thanks to AIRSPLAT for supporting CQB Radio.

- Carp

Friday, September 13, 2013

Brand New Airsplat Logo

Check out the new Airsplat logo - pretty sweet, says I. AND don't forget - their new L.A. store is opening this weekend!  Click HERE for more info.

- Carp