Monday, September 16, 2013

New Folding Knife from Condor

OK, let's talk knives and airsoft.  Of course, some people use fake knives for airsoft, but what place does a real knife have in airsoft?  Good question, and a fair one.  First off, I'd say for many airsofters, they don't have a place, so don't bother getting one (not to be too blunt here). But for those of us who know how to handle a blade - and by that I mean to use it as a tool, not as a fighting weapon - a nice pocket knife can be helpful.

When I get a new item and I want to take off tags, labels, or other things that are hanging on, say, a mag pouch - well, a knife can come in handy.  When it's a lunch break and I need to bust open a bag of something to cook over my camping stove back in the prep area - a knife would be handy.  So for those kinds of needs (AND NOT ON THE FIELD), I think this Condor Barracuda could be useful.

Check it out HERE from Airsplat.

Let's start with some specs:
Blade Material - Sand-blasted AUS8 blade steel
Length: 8 inches overall, 3.3 inch blade, 4.5 inches folded
Handle: G10
Pocket clip: adjustable 4 ways
Opening: Thumb stud and slipper
Weight: 4.3 oz.

We all know Condor makes some very popular tactical gear that airsofters use, but now they have broken into the tactical/folding knife market.  This one comes in a plan edge and one with a serrated edge as well.  I prefer a plain edge, but that's just my taste.

This blade fits comfortably in my hand and I'm 6 foot 2, so if you have smaller hands, it'll be plenty big.

Again, it's made of AUS8 steel - good, pretty easy to sharpen up.

As you can see it has a liner lock.  No issues here - just a heads up on how it locks open.

 To give you a little size comparison, I compared it to an AK and M4 mag.  As you can see, it's not too big, and it's about 1/2 this size when it's all folded up.

Overall, a nice blade.  It'll hold an edge for you and when you are prepping for an op, it might be just what you needed in the parking lot or staging area.  Again, I would NOT recommend having this on the field - it's just asking to be lost or for an accident.  Play safe, leave the knife in the car, and as always - keep on firin'.

Big thanks to AIRSPLAT for supporting CQB Radio.

- Carp

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