Monday, February 17, 2014

Tactical Shoulder Versipack from Airsoft Peak

I love gear, you love gear, we all love gear.  But there's always that 'how much can I spend' vs. 'what do I get for it' question we have to deal with.  Well, our friends from Airsoft Peak have sent us a few items for review and if you don't have  ton of cash to spend but want to get a compact, messenger-style pack, here's a good option for you.  It's the Tactical Shoulder Versipack.  

This guy will run you $23.99 on their site (  If you know packs, it looks a lot like the UTG Messenger bag, but it's a bit more streamlined/compact, and you save about $10 AND you get free shipping too.  

It's made of 600D nylon material, and this one is obviously in OD, but it does come in other colors as well (ACU, multi-cam-style, woodland, and tan).  The bag measures 13.5 x 12 x 3.5 inches.  They also have a larger one called the Jumbo Shoulder Versipack and that one runs $28.99.  

Here you can see the front flap that closes over the main pocket.  The buckle looks and feels solid, and the smaller zippered pocket offers you some space to carry an iPhone, a pad of paper, or other flat items.

Looking down inside the main compartment, you can see it has a draw-string option, which I like.  This gives you ability to put items that are slightly larger than the pocket-size into the main compartment and just draw the string closed around it.  The main compartment will fit mags pretty nicely - AK and M4.  You will also find a mesh compartment inside to help store and organize your gear.  

 The draw-string.

On the left side is a small zippered pocket.  There's molle on the outside to attach other items, but this item is perfect for batteries, a basic charging plug, a small bag of BBs (say around 250 rounds), gloves, etc.

In the front, another zippered pocket.  This one has mesh inside for organizing more of your items.

And over on the right side, a pistol mag pouch.  Certainly, you could store a pistol mag in there, but you could also nicely fit a multi-tool or a flashlight  for repairs.

The back is flat - nothing too busy or fantastic about it - just gets the job done.

Your shoulder strap is adjustable and has a QD buckle to pop this bad-boy off easily.  There is also a small spring-loaded hook so you can attach keys or other similar items.

For me, this would be a 'small items, headed to the local game' pack.  As you can see I've got some mags and in the back you can see my hex wrenches - you could also toss in some BBs with no problem.  I might actually recommend this as a tool bag too - keep your tools, a light, some spray, etc. in this bag so you can always have it ready to go if a gun has issues.

A solid little pack at a very reasonable cost.  Is it made like a Maxpedition bag?  No, but you also are getting it for A LOT less than a Maxpedition bag.  This one will be a nice addition to your airsoft loadout when you head out to sling some plastic.  Again, check it out over at Airsoft Peak (CLICK HERE to head to their website).

Keep on firin',

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome Airsoft Megastore to CQB Radio


Just a quick post to welcome Airsoft Megastore to the CQB Radio family of supporters.  Glad to have them on board.  Check them out at (click the website link) Reviews coming soon!
- Carp