Friday, April 12, 2013

BIG OP coming up!

Check out this LINK and also watch the video below.

Operation Sovereign Fury looks great!  Don't miss it.

I love milsim.  Honestly, that's all I really play when it comes to airsoft, other than an occasional capture-the-flag at the end of a day.  BUT MAN - 51 buildings, 30 hours straight!  This looks like a SOLID event.

- Carp

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

M203 Launchers

M203 launchers - cool looking: yes.  Here's one for your AK from Airsplat (LINK HERE).

When I first started to play airsoft with my team, I ran as the grenadier, but soon found out that unless you were playing at the correct kind of site/field, an M203 might just be extra weight that looks cool.  I found that in a woods-based scenario, using an M203 was tough to do.  In an ambush, it could be use effectively, or maybe even for clearing a bunker.  The KEY was know how to use it and being READY to use it.  

When the opportunity shows itself, you need to be ready to pull the trigger, not load and fiddle and such.

A great way to utilize them is in a CQB or MOUT facility.  When you are in a building, an M203 can clear and entire room in a few seconds.  If you are trying to get someone behind a wall in a MOUT facility, an M203 can come in handy.

Overall, I love my M203s.  Practice with them and you can be a helpful, useful grenadier.

- Carp