Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1st Podcast is UP!

Hello all,
Well, at long last, we've got our first podcast up.
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We're working out some of the details and kinks of the layout on iTunes, but you can download and listen now.

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Also, you can click on photos for HUGE versions of them if you want to see detail on any of the pictures.

CQB Radio - Episode 1: Brand Stinkin' New
- Welcome and Introduction: Info about me (Tim) and the podcast
- Word on the Street: Some of the latest New England airsoft news
- Assessment: Review of DBOYS SCAR-L/D.E. M56DL shotgun
- Tricks of the Trade: How to get into airsoft and what you need
- Loadout: Review of a go-bag, drop leg holster, and more
- Retailer Review on
- Just In: Some soon-to-arrive and new arrivals in airsoft gear

Just a few pics from a day of shooting practice with Carp and Ox.

Me (Tim/Carp) with my SCAR and Delta vest - Kennebunk, Maine.

My fellow airsofter Nathan (Ox) with his M4 and molle vest.

Word on the Street- A few websites that were mentioned:
- - Northeast Airsoft Group
- - Operation Pine Plains
- - home for Battle for Tolland

Assessment Review #1 was on the DBOYS SCAR-L, moded below with holosight, SOCOM silencer, modular rail covers, and UTG foregrip (note - this is a different foregrip than the one that came with the gun).

Beware of the back hinge - a definite weak spot on this SCAR version.

Assessment Review #2 was on the Double Eagle M56 DL multi-shot shotgun, seen here with Blackhawk shell sling and a UTG reflex site. Also, I mentioned you could buy a "foregrip shell holder" - I meant a forearm shell holder - check out this link:

The retractable stock based on the Benelli M4 shotgun used by U.S. military.

In Loadout, we talked about 4 items. First, the go pack in coyote brown.

Secondly, the military surplus ammo box:

Ammo box shown here with speedloaders and BBs inside - speedloaders in the box so you'll always be ready to get your mags all filled up.

Thirdly, the UTG double pistol case.

And lastly, the UTG drop-leg holster in MARPAT.

And from our Just In section of the podcast, here' a link for the
Magpul DVD: Art of the Tactical Carbine

Check back for updates and be on the lookout for CQB Radio - Episode 2 in May.

Keep on firin',