Friday, December 13, 2013

Cast Gear Combat T-Shirt

More cool kit from Cast Gear, and I got this shirt for review from my friends over at Airsplat (click HERE to check it out).  Today, we are looking at the Cast Gear Combat T-Shirt.  It comes in a variety of different colors (woodland, urban, and C-Cam - all digital style), and it runs from size Small to Double Extra Large).  Here's a look at it.

As you can tell, it's got a base color on the torso, camo on the sleeves, and then black on the wrists and neck.  It's made of 100% cotton so it will definitely be comfortable.

First cool feature - pockets on the left sleeve, and it can hold whatever you want - a memo pad, a battery - even an iPhone.  Wait - what's that?  You'd like to put a memo pad in there but then you wonder where you'd put your pens?  Ah - no need to worry my friend - just scroll down...

And BAM!  There you have it - a spot to hold pens on the sleeves.  Well-played, Cast...well-played indeed.

Here's a look at the back and as you can probably tell, the idea behind the shirt is two-fold: eliminate the BDU blouse AND yet keep the camouflage.  And this does just that.  Put a plate carrier or a vest on and you keep your arms camouflaged but without all the weight of a full BDU blouse (and yes - they are called 'blouses').

Comfortable - yes indeed.  Dry-wick - nope.  But it's also pretty light-weight so while making it from some sort of 'sweat-wicking' material would have been nice, it's still a quality shirt, and to me - the overall features make it a win.  Check out all the different styles of these shirts HERE over at Airsplat.


Keep on firin',