Saturday, July 31, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 17 - The Big Easy

CQB Radio: Episode 17 - The Big Easy

Random old-school pic of me - very tactical background, eh?

CQB Radio: Episode 17 - The Big Easy
- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Airsoft ops and events
- Assessment: KWA's SR10 and CZ75, S-Thunder shell (long) with foam balls
- Tricks of the Trade: Starting CQB Radio's podcast
- Loadout: Magpul AFG, Under Armour Tactical Stealth Beanie, Wrong Gear Warrior Mask, AMP sling.
- Dr. Airsoft: Interview with Grant Woo of Airsoft Hawaii
- Retailer Review: EBAirsoft
- Just In: Items new to the airsoft world
- Closing

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Check out to hear more about these two ops...

If you live out west, check out this event in Colorado.


First up in Assessment was the KWA SR-10. Here is the unboxing and what you get.

And the gun...

Your KWA trades

The free-float rail system up front

The flip-up sights.

Next was the KWA CZ75 gas blow-back pistol.

And last we had an M203 grenade from S-Thunder.

You get 4 foam balls with the grenade.

Here's a look down the shell.


In Tricks of the Trade I talked about how CQB Radio got started and what it takes to put together my show each month.


First up in Loadout, the AFG from Magpul.

Here it is on my LWRC.

Then we talked about the Under Armour Tactical stealth beanie.

Next, the Wrong Gear Warrior Mask.

Velcro makes it easy to put on and take off.

And last up was the AMP Tactical single-point, single bungee sling.


Our Dr. Airsoft segment featured an interview with Grant Woo of Airsoft Hawaii.


Our Retailer Review was of EBAirsoft (


Here are some new items to think about from Just In...

KWA is making a KRISS

Stay tuned to CQB Radio to hear an interview with Mission Spec and to hear about there Irene Adaptive Sling.

Milspec Monkey has new t-shirts available including this great Zombie Hunter one.

Airsoft Extreme has the Pro Arms rotating grenade launcher (it comes with 6 shells as well).

Combat Sport Supply has this funny trailer hitch cover.

And that's it guys. Download, enjoy, and MiniCast will be out mid-month.

Keep on firin',

Saturday, July 24, 2010

CQB Radio MiniCast 16.5: The Next Level

A little look into Carp's closet of airsoft...

As always, thanks to Evike for their sponsorship of the MiniCast. Check them out at

One thing we talked about is vests. My new favorite - the CIRAS from Matrix.

Here's a little taste of the Magpul ACR/Masada. Check out Spartan Imports for more great pics.

If you haven't heard, the H&K G36s are now available. ARES is the OEM on these bad boys.

Looking for good BBs (some of our listeners were) - check out TSDs and Javelins.

Brent and I e-mailed about the best training weapons out there. KWA is making a move, but Systema is still the best in the eyes of most people

The FAST System - check out the review at


First off, a super compact AEG from ICS - the M4 Concept gun.

A high FPS but some funkiness to it. Check out this link for more pics/info:

Second up was an MP5 from ICS.

A few more pics...

The flashlight in the fore grip.

And before it's installed.

A pretty nice AEG from ICS.

Lastly, the biggest of the AEGs in this review - the ICS SIG 551 with full trades.

And there's the JRICH flashlight/grip I talked about in UPDATE.

Fully-adjustable rear sight.


The A&K LR300 has been a great gun for me - shoots at around 400 FPS with great range.


The Kart M14 EBR is still for sale - contact me at

I also have the CYMA M14 Scout for sale, as well as the Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 Commando and the HFC M9 for sale - all brand new!

I didn't mention this, but I'm also selling this heat shield from G&P and the front ring too.

That's all for the MiniCast. Full podcast out soon!

Keep on firin',