Friday, September 30, 2011

OH MY - Optic Thunder from Evike.

Watch, enjoy, and be amazed!

- Carp

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The latest from Airsoft Squared!

Airsoft Squared - - is about to roll out new awesome features and we wanted to share the information with you in a different way.
In a nutshell, you are part of a group of 8 bloggers and magazines that received the information before the actual launching. Just to be sure that you have here an exclusive news for your readers.
The new site will be live next week. We hope you will give a shout about Airsoft Squared v1.1 and spread the news.
Our objective is to connect Airsoft players and communities. We worked on 5 main points to greatly improve the service.

1. More social network features :
This is the core of Airsoft Squared. Users want to follow the activity of their network online, what they publish and comment.
- A "My Profile" button now appears in menus when you are logged in to let users access their network activity feed easily and let them interact with their network.
- We refined the wall and email notifications to now include our 2 new types of contents : News and Q&A

2. New ranking algorithm in contents lists :
We don't want Airsoft Squared to be a static collection of contents. We wanted users to easily access the most valuable and pertinent contents.
- We added ranking algorithms in our lists to display active and trending contents on top of results.
- Airsoft Squared must be an international community. That’s why we increased the pertinence for for logged users by pondering our algorithm with the language of the user to deliver the best experience for players from every country.
- The search engine will be in evidence on top of the page to let users search for quality contents in one click.

3. Redesigned Group and Events pages :
Groups and Events are key to let blogs, teams, brands, retailers interact with their community. We redesigned them entirely to let them be this space of discussion and sharing.
- Redesigned walls for Groups and Events
- It is now possible to post News and Comment threads directly from your Group or Event

4. Question & Answers section :
Users feedbacks showed that people wanted to interact, share experience and advice. We didn't want to add a simple forum on the website. We wanted something completely integrated with the interface. More interactivity between members is expected.
- Users will be able to ask questions and get answers about strategy, rules, legislation and get buying or technical advice.
- The Q&A is a section in itself but it also integrated with the groups and events "Discussion" tab.

5. News section :
Brands and medias needed a tool to get more visibility and to communicate with the Airsoft Squared members.
- Users will be able to publish announcements and breaking news.
- The News section has been designed in coherence with the groups and events "Blog" tab.
- "Featured news" will now find a place on the homepage.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

New items on the Garage Sale page

These are just a few of the AEGS now available on the Garage Sale page here at CQB Radio.
Check them out.

- Carp

Saturday, September 17, 2011

300,000 views on YouTube - Thanks!

Hey CQB Radio fans. We just crossed 300,00 views on YouTube. Thanks for the support. Podcast #27 is in the works!

Keep on firin',

Friday, September 9, 2011

PPSH at Pyramyd Air

Here's the new PPSH from S&T - it's available at Pyramyd Air - just click on the picture.

- Carp

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New custom shotty at Evike

Check out this new, custom shotty from Evike. Very unique and only $85.
Here's the link:

- Carp

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The latest from TAKE AIM

The latest TAKE AIM Magazine is coming out! Here's what's in this issue:
- Umarex Elite Force M4 Review (and a chance to win one!)
- Lonex Flash Mag review
- Best of the Worst 4
- WE L85 GBBR review
- Operation Risky Sun
- Video game reviews and more

Find this issue at airsoft shops, Barnes & Noble,, and

- Carp

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New mag holder at Evike - check it out!

This is a new item over at - here's the link:
Looks like a way to hold more mags in a sub-load and a quick way to access them. Here are the details:

Hard Shell Drop Leg Triple Mag Carrier - (M4/M16)

- Hard Shell Construction
- High Speed Design optimal for Tactical situations
- Attaches securely to leg and belt
- Fits most M4/M16 Series Magazines

Compatibility: TM, Matrix, MAG, G&G and other M4 / M16 Series Magazines
Color: Black
Material: Nylon Fiber

- Carp