Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Multi-Cam Contractor Hat from Tru-Spec

I saw it, I liked it, I got it, now I'm reviewing it.  This hat comes to CQB Radio from Airsplat (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT ON THEIR WEBSITE).  It's the Tru-Spec Black Multi-Cam Contractor Hat.  Cost is $17.99, and I gotta say - it's pretty cool.  

So let's be real here - would this be useful in an airsoft op?  Well, it depends.  In a Northeastern forest during the day, I'd prefer regular multi-cam or regular woodland.  But I would definitely run this at a night op, or definitely at a cqb event.  An as an everyday hat - certainly.

As far as the fit, I did find it a little 'small' in the top i.e. it's not like a trucker's hat with a ton of space above the top of your head. I'd guess my head is average-sized to slightly larger, and this hat sits a bit more snug on me than maybe my Condor multi-cam hat.  But it's still comfortable - no issue or discomfort when wearing it.

Here's a look at it straight-on.  As you can see, the TS of Tru-Spec is stitched into the front section of Velcro.  I like this because if I don't want to add a patch, there's not just a huge blank patch in the front.  

And from the back.  Note another spot on the back with Velcro, as well as a small Velcro spot on top.

Let's compare the two styles of multi-cam.  The regular multi-cam is much more...well...colorful.  The black multi-cam - in these photos - looks more like black/dark blue and a bit of light green/gray.

Here's the inside - nothing too fancy.

And a few more shots of it.

So do I like it?  Yes.  Would I recommend it? Yes.  If you want a very unique look in multi-cam, this might be the one for you.  CLICK HERE to find out more about it.

Keep on firin',