Sunday, December 19, 2010

MiniCast 21.5 is here

Thanks for checking out the MiniCast.
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Enter to win this Ares G36C EBB AEG. Fan PyramydAir on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and/or e-mail me with the subject "add me" to get added to the PAir distribution list.

Contest ends 12/31/10.


First off, shout out to the other Carp out there (a/k/a Hammer - check out the sweet Masada he has.

KWAs MP9 is available in various colors now.

Talked to Matt from The Citadel - it's up and running. Check them out at (the website is new and updated).

Spartan Imports is taking pre-orders for a Masada Rail system.

Speaking of Masadas, EHobbyAsia is carrying a Masada QD silencer.

Check out this new kit for a glock - from EBairsoft.

Want to know what's inside the new Javelin AEGs? Check this out.


We looked at the King Arms CQB M203.

Laser-etched trades.

Here she is - what a beauty!

Comparing it to a SOCOM length M203.

And compared to a full-length and a SOCOM length M203.

On my G&G Raider CQB.


The ACM gas shotty - still working, but part of the loading tube busted on me.

This Walter sight is now on my Echo 1 MP5 RIS - nice.


This SRC G36K is still for sale - check out the Garage Sale page above for other items I am selling.

That's all of it. Full podcast out in early 2011.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 21 - A Beast Of A Show

CQB Radio: Episode 21 - "A Beast Of A Show" is here.
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WE ARE ON: YouTube, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook

CQB Radio: Episode 21 - A Beast Of A Show
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word On The Street: Airsoft Kalamazoo and a few airsoft ops
- Assessment: Echo 1 MP5 RIS, Taurus 24/7, KWA M9 PTP
- Tricks Of The Trade: Booligan on airosft retailer, suppliers, and more
- Loadout: G&P Red dot, Voodoo Tactical Deployment bag, FiDragon Throat Mic, Condor jacket, and OTB boots
- Retailer Review: Tim from AirsoftGI
- Dr. Airsoft: How to handle your airsoft gun
- Just In: New items to the airsoft world
- Closing

Welcome to a new CQB Radio supporter, Airsoft Fix -

We are having a contest to win an H&K G36C from ARES, a UTG gun bag, a red dot, and some BBs (all from Pyramyd Air). To enter, follow Pyramyd Air on Twitter, fan them on Facebook, and e-mail me ( with the subject "add me" and we'll add you to their update list. Contest ends 12/31/10


First, we heard from Tino of Airsoft Kalamazoo (

Then a few updates on ops this fall and winter. Feel Good Farms is hosting this one:


All our guns in Assessment came to us from Pyramyd Air. Here's the catalog they send to you with all airsoft orders.

First up, the Echo 1 MP5 RIS.

Here's what you get in the box.

And here she is - what a beauty!

Navy-style flash hider up front...

...that can be popped off to show another smaller flash hider underneath it.

Nice rail up top for optics.

And here are your trades and receiver.

Second, we looked at the Taurus 24/7 CO2 pistol. Here's the box.

Here's the pistol.

With the pistol you get...

And a few more pics of the gun.

Real Taurus trades.

Last up was the KWA M9 PTP

With it you get...

And here's the pistol - a really nice GBB.


In Tricks of the Trade we talked to Booligan about the difference among retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and more.


Loadout started with the G&P red dot from Airsoft Fix.

It's a chunky, well-built item.

Here it is on my KWA SR-10.

Second up was the Voodoo Tactical deployment bag.

Third we talked about the FiDragon Throat mic...not so much.

This is the actual mic

And the ear piece - which is pretty good.

Last 2 items - the Condor Phantom softshell jacket and the OTB boots. Thanks to Eric for these reviews and pics (nice CQB Radio patch).


Dr. Airsoft had on Larry to talk over airsoft safety and handling our weapons.


In the Retailer Review we talk with Tim from AirsoftGI.


Eric told us about some new items in the airsoft world, like the Magpul ACR in foliage green from Airsoft Extreme.

Some creepy/cool masks at Evike.

EBAirsoft has the 1911 conversion kits to make them into carbines.

AirsoftGI's got some deal going on for the holidays.

Echo 1 has a new sniper rifle out.

And that's all. MiniCast will be out mid-month.

Keep on firin',