Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CQB Radio - Episode 26: Closing Out The Summer

CQB Radio - Episode 26 is here.
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Here's Carp, Ox, Matt, and Saint at Desert Heat 2 in Maine. We ran as the 4 ICE members - great op, and great job, Deuce!

Here's what's on this show

- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: New England airsoft ops
- Assessment: the Echo 1 Red Star Covert from Evike, the King Arms Thompson M1A1 from Pyramyd Air, and the King Arms M4 gas blowback from AirsoftFix.
- Tricks of the Trade: The Arch Angels of Florida
- Loadout: Railed scope rings from Evike
- Just In: Eric tells us what's new in the airsoft world
- Closing

Big op in Vermont - September 3rd - Operation Green Zone

We just got back from this OP in Maine.

First up was the Echo 1 Red Star Covert AK.

Folding stock.

Some Echo 1 trades on the side of this AEG.

Standard muzzle break.

Rear sight is adjustable.

And a stock photo of this sweet AEG.

One nice thing - rails to geek it out.

Next up, the M1A1 from King Arms - available from

The stats.

Here's what you get with it.

And here she is.

Thompson trades - blurry - my bad.

Your 60-round magazine.

Hop-up is always there - don't need to even pull back the charging handle.

Last up the King Arms GBB from Airsoft Fix - and it's got LOTS of goodies.

It came in this SWEET Pelican case.

Here she is.

Surefire suppressor.

All kinds of Magpul accessories are available at Airsoft Fix.

This G&P red dot is a great optic.

Nice trades.

Magpul BAD lever.

Magpul grip.

And a Magpul stock.

Magpul ASAP sling plate.

We talked to the Arch Angels from Florida - check them out at

Here are some very cool railed scope rings from Evike.

And a stock photo - ok, so they overdid it.

AEX is carrying the ATP from KWA - pre-orders are being taken now.

Dr. Airsoft continues to put out airsoft podcasts.

Evike is carrying the RSA

And don't forget to check out Eric's new sight - The Gear Locker -

That's all - download and keep on firin',

Friday, August 19, 2011

The new TM AUG - High-cycle

Here's a new AUG from TM. Check out this link:

- Carp

Monday, August 15, 2011


Here's the latest Magpul video - can't wait to see more of it! Airsoft DMs, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keep fighting SB798 with Pyramyd Air

Want to help Pyramyd Air stop SB 798? Check out the link below and save airsoft while keeping people safe!

- Carp