Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CQB Radio - Episode 26: Closing Out The Summer

CQB Radio - Episode 26 is here.
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Here's Carp, Ox, Matt, and Saint at Desert Heat 2 in Maine. We ran as the 4 ICE members - great op, and great job, Deuce!

Here's what's on this show

- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: New England airsoft ops
- Assessment: the Echo 1 Red Star Covert from Evike, the King Arms Thompson M1A1 from Pyramyd Air, and the King Arms M4 gas blowback from AirsoftFix.
- Tricks of the Trade: The Arch Angels of Florida
- Loadout: Railed scope rings from Evike
- Just In: Eric tells us what's new in the airsoft world
- Closing

Big op in Vermont - September 3rd - Operation Green Zone

We just got back from this OP in Maine.

First up was the Echo 1 Red Star Covert AK.

Folding stock.

Some Echo 1 trades on the side of this AEG.

Standard muzzle break.

Rear sight is adjustable.

And a stock photo of this sweet AEG.

One nice thing - rails to geek it out.

Next up, the M1A1 from King Arms - available from

The stats.

Here's what you get with it.

And here she is.

Thompson trades - blurry - my bad.

Your 60-round magazine.

Hop-up is always there - don't need to even pull back the charging handle.

Last up the King Arms GBB from Airsoft Fix - and it's got LOTS of goodies.

It came in this SWEET Pelican case.

Here she is.

Surefire suppressor.

All kinds of Magpul accessories are available at Airsoft Fix.

This G&P red dot is a great optic.

Nice trades.

Magpul BAD lever.

Magpul grip.

And a Magpul stock.

Magpul ASAP sling plate.

We talked to the Arch Angels from Florida - check them out at

Here are some very cool railed scope rings from Evike.

And a stock photo - ok, so they overdid it.

AEX is carrying the ATP from KWA - pre-orders are being taken now.

Dr. Airsoft continues to put out airsoft podcasts.

Evike is carrying the RSA

And don't forget to check out Eric's new sight - The Gear Locker -

That's all - download and keep on firin',

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