Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Podcast is in the works!

Working on a few final parts of the podcast...but I do have to wait until 1/5/2010 for one of the review guns to arrive. Expect that podcast out just after that.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Discount at Airsoft Station for CQB Radio Fans!

Check out this deal - go to and when you check-out, put in the code "CQBRadio" for $5 off your order of $75 or more.

And we've got a SWEET AEG to review from Airsoft Station that's coming up in the next podcast.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

New AEG from Echo 1

Check it out!

So apparently Echo 1 worked with VFC on this guy - check out for more information on it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Airsoft Extreme - Meet R Lee Ermey

Check out the latest happenings at Airsoft Extreme (

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Resources from Airsplat

Hey CQB Radio Listeners,

Check out this link below - it's Airsoft University. Here you'll find info to help with working on your guns, info on tactics and fields, and more. Check it out:

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 9: Party Like It's 2009

Episode 9 is ready to be downloaded. You can find the podcast at:

and we're available on the Libsyn site at:

Just a few guns to look over - part of Ox's assortment of weapons.

Contact CQB Radio on email at We're also on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Skype - all under the name CQBRadio.

CQB Radio - Episode 9: Party Like It's 2009
-Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street: The latest New England airsoft events
- Assessment: Accessorized Guns - Jing Gong 416, CYMA M14 Scout, King Arms SIG 556 HOLO, and UTG M4 Commando
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Carl of Airsoft Innovations
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Ronald of NL Airsoft
- Loadout: Batteries
- Retailer Review: Kenneth Wu, CEO/Founder of Airsplat
- Just In: New items on the market
- Closing

Please welcome 2 new supporters of CQB Radio. First, Airsoft Station ( is a retail supporter.

Second, we're partnering with Airsoft Innovations ( as well.

And speaking of A.I., they are having a great deal until December 5th - 30% off the Tornado grenade.

We've also got a deal going with Airsplat. For $10 off any order of $150 of more, enter the code: CQBRadio.

Word on the Street: The latest New England Airsoft Events

Check out to learn more about their Evike discount and games on Any Given Sunday.

Go to and learn about the British-themed team they are building. They will get you all set up (and I mean ALL set up) for only $300 total.

Go to The Citadel ( in December for some CQB training with a real Navy Seal.

As always, you can check out and for other events and information.

Assessment: Accessorized Guns

In Assessment, we looked at 4 AEGS with some cool accessories added on to them. The first one was the Jing Gong 416 from Airsplat.

This version comes with crane stock instead of a PEQ box.

I added this NC Star holo sight (also from Airsplat) - it's easy to put on and take off of the upper rail.

I also added this JRICH vert grip and flashlight (from Airsplat) to the gun. A great deal for only $80.

Lastly, I added this Element Shark muzzle break. Be careful - it's really sharp.

The next AEG was the CYMA M14 sent to me from Texas911Gear. The gun is distributed by the Palco company, and it comes with some pretty nice box art.

Here it is with a scope on the front rail, as well as the OD sling that was included.

Here you can see the M14 full-metal scope mount and the Tacedge red/green dot scope.

Here it is with the mount, the scope, and the Mamba sling from AEX (check out the last podcast for info on that sling).

Next up was the King Arms SIG 556 HOLO in Dark Earth. Thanks to Airsoft Extreme for sending this along for review.

And here it is geeked out with accessories from Airsoft Extreme.

A little hard to see, but here are the real SIG trades.

This 556 comes with a blow-back feature that is one of the nicer ones I've seen. You can also disable the blowback with a pretty easy mod (that is included).

The first accessory was the AMP railed red-dot scope from Airsoft Extreme.

Next was the Classic Army mock silencer, also from AEX.

Lastly, the QD vert grip made by Classic Army (sent to me from Airsoft Extreme).

Our final AEG was the UTG M4 Commado sent to me from PyramydAir.

It has PLENTY of accessories included with it.

The UTG M4 Commando (full-metal).
Here you can see the UTG tactical 3-point sling

This AEG has room for a large 8.4 up front and comes with this vert grip and with these rail covers.

Here's the Leapers red-dot sight. Cheap but works great.

Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Carl from Airsoft Innovations

Check out our interview with the inventor of the Tornado grenade.

Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Ronald (SlickAxe) from NL Airsoft

Loadout: Batteries

We talked all about batteries. Here are a few lithium batteries I use in the JRICH vert grip/flash light. Thanks to Airsoft Station for sending all these different batteries along.

Here's your basic 8.4 v. mini battery.

And an 8-cell, 9.6 volt stick battery.

Here's a battery that would go into your PEQ box.

Retailer Review: Kenneth Wu, CEO and founder of Airsplat

Just In: Check out some new/soon to arrive items.

At Airsoft Extreme, the Condor tactical soft shell in OD.

At PyramydAir, the A&K Draganv SVD spring sniper rifle.

A spin-off company of PyramydAir, check out for tatical gear.

Airsoft Station is carrying the VFC SCAR-Heavy.

EHobbyAsia is carrying the new A&K Magpul Masada.

Madbull has their new Ultimate Hopup.

And EhobbyAsia has the G&P CQB M4 Custom.

And that's it - enjoy the podcast. Episode 10 will come to you in 2010.

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