Monday, May 28, 2012

SALE! CQB Radio's Clearing Out Shop

Hey all,
I've got a lot of airsoft guns and gear, and it's time to clean house a bit.  Here's what's for sale.

The King Arms SIG 556 Shorty with RIS up-front.  This guy comes with a mag, flip-up sights, AND the electric blow-back feature.  Sweet gun.  Never been fielded, just reviewed.
ORIGINAL PRICE: $299.  CQB Radio Price: $130.  

 The RIS up front.

The Echo 1 SCAR-H.  Comes with 2-hi cap mags and a battery.
Original price: $210.  CQB Radio Price: $140.

The SRC RPK.  Full-wood and metal, bipod, and comes with a drum mag.
Original Price: $300.  CQB Radio Price: $190.

Check out the Ares G36C with H&K trades AND with the quick-change spring system.  This gun has rails up front, comes with a mag, has a locking bolt, folding stock, and ambidextrous features.  Never been fielded, just reviewed.
ORIGINAL COST: $280.  CQB Radio Price: $140.

Voodoo Tactical Chest Rig in OD.  Comes with 9 pouches- 3 larger ones down the middle and 3 smaller ones on each side.

ORIGINAL COST: $30.  CQB Radio Price: $15.

Different vert grips -
CQB Radio Price: $6 each.

Bi-pod - extendable and collapsible legs. QD to put on and take off.
CQB Radio Price: $8

OD 2-to-3 point sling.  Great for M4, M16, M14, and more.
Original Price: $15.  CQB Radio Price: $8

UTG 4X32 Scope. Comes with scope rings (QD) and the rear ring had small rails to add a red-dot to if you'd like.  Also comes with lens covers as well.
Original Price: $40.  CQB Radio Price: $18.

Another scope - Golden Image. 4X32 with QD rings.
Original Price: $32.  CQB Radio Price: $14.

Digital Woodland Boonie. Barely worn.
CQB Radio Price: $5

Multicam Baseball Hat.  Velcro on front, back, and top.
Made by Condor, adjustable.
Original Price: $12.  CQB Radio Price: $6.

Woodland Camo Boonie. Never worn.
CQB Radio Price: $4

Multicam boonie.  Never worn.  Made by Propper.
Original Price: $18.  CQB Radio Price: $10.

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