Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reminder - Taking care of your Mag and Mechbox springs

As you can see, I've been using the TSD-SD45 UMP - here are a few shots of the magazine.

I was finishing up my firing test with it and just wanted to remind us all about the importance of releasing your mag spring (either hi-cap or mid-cap) when you are done with your gun. In both types, you want to aim your mag into a box or bowl that is lined with something soft so the BBs don't bounce all over the place (even you hand will work). Then, pull back on the tiny lever (shown in this pic below - it's just above the round feeding tip) and release all BBs. This makes sure the spring is in its "released" position, leaving it with no tension on it and giving it a longer lifespan.

TSD SD-45 UMP mag - strange looking mags, but pretty nice gun.

You've probably heard this as well, but when you are done shooting your AEG, take out your mag, and fire a few rounds on semi-auto. This will put the spring into the "released" position (no tension on it) and again, it will help save the life of your spring. To make sure your gun is truly empty, you might want to turn it upside down and shoot a few rounds off - this can sometimes get out a few lagging BBs.

Ok - off to do some work and then get cracking on podcast editing.
Keep on firin',

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