Saturday, June 13, 2009

Episode 3 and an update on the AGM 416

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Well, I told you in Episode 3 that I'd give you an up-date on the AGM all-metal 416. We reviewed this in Episode 2 and soon after, it stopped functioning. Looks like some major issues - piston is busted and gear tooth broke off. Can't say this is standard for AGM since many of their AEGs have been pretty good for people. Once Ox gets it repaired, we'll give another update, but for now - waiting on some replacement parts.

~The AGM all-metal 416 - down, but not down for the count~

Also, Maine Airsoft has made some changes - check out the new site at - nice work, Savage.

We've got some exciting stuff lined-up for the July podcast - stay tuned.

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