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CQB Radio - Episode 3: And on the line we have...

Lots of phone interviews on this episode - check it out!
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CQB Radio - Episode 3: And on the line we have…
- Welcome and Introduction
- Word on the Street: The latest New England airsoft news
- Word on the Street Focus: D-Day at Harris Field Farm in Maine
- Assessment: 2 reviews: TSD SD87 and the KJW M9
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Airsoft gun magazines
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Talking with Zach from Airsoft Reports
- Loadout: Non-optic accessories for your weapon
- Retailer Review – an interview with Craig from Federal Airsoft
- Just In: Some new airsoft gear, as well as some cool sites.

This is a TOP M-60 from Federal Airsoft - one of the many AEGs Craig has at Federal Airsoft

Last episode we talked about cleaning out your AEG. Check out this picture - here's what came out of my gun - pretty nasty, huh?

COYOTE BROWN COMPETITION: Find the least-expensive vest or chest rig in true coyote brown for me and you can score a pair of Mechanix gloves! Contest ends June 15th.

Word on the Street: Here are a few links to some of the sites we talked about:

Operation Failed Drop - D-Day Event at Harris Field Farm. Raffle for Systema Tw5 and 2 Tornado airsoft grenades with distraction devices. – check out the “Events” section.

Feel Good Farms Build Day – June 7th; Spring Offensive – June 13th and 14th. – check out the “Up-coming Events” section.

In Country – June 27th and 28th – Wolcott, CT.

CQB Urban Combat Training I in Rhode Island:

Operation Silent Vigil in Charoltte, VT – June 21st.

2 Lions Claw Events in New York:

I didn’t mention any Massachusetts events in this episode just because of the timing of the podcast release and when the events were taking place. Nothing personal, Mass. – I had to go away for a wedding in Oklahoma so I had some time constraints.

Assessment Review #1 was on TSD SD-87 multi-shot shotgun

Assesment Review #2 was on the KJW M9 GBB Pistol

In Tricks of the Trade – Part 1 we talked about airsoft magazines. Here’s a photo of the mag fix that helped my Jing Gong mags load more effectively with my Classic Army M15A4.

In Tricks of the Trade – Part 2 we chatted with Zach from Airsoft Reports. Check out his site for great, detailed reviews of airsoft guns and some gear.

You can find these reviews and at

In Loadout, we talked about non-optic accessories for your airsoft weapon. Below are some pics of the items we discussed.

The G&P laser/flashlight mount - $7

The G&P laser/flashlight mount with a flashlight on my M4

Flashlights - a $5 light from Auto Zone and a $25 flashlight from MXDL that I took out of a foregrip/light combo

M4 Cheek rest- $15

Magpul Mag Assist - 3 for $10

Vertical foregrip - about $20 for the UTG version, $5 for the basic version

Basic DBOYS PEQ box - $5, added a laser for another $5

M16/M4 Carrying handle scope mount rail - about $12

Our retailer review was an interview with Craig from Federal Airsoft ( Here’s his shop and Craig himself.

For Just In, here are a few links/items to check out: - build your dream weapon - check out their videos - a huge list of airsoft reviews

The H&K MP5 on Pyramid Air
Echo 1's full-metal, real wood Red Star AKM

The Ares Tabor is out, and they put out a floor stand and a wall mount
AGM GBB M4s are out now
Mad Bull - 4 colors of tracer BBs

Thanks for listening, and keep on firin',

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