Monday, May 5, 2014

The Condor Messenger Bag - Review

Today we are taking a look at the Condor Messenger bag.  The official name is the Condor Outdoor Tactical Modular Style Messenger Bag, but most people just call it a messenger bag.  You can get it by CLICKING HERE and heading over to Airsoft Megastore.  The cost is $44.95 and having used a variety of Condor gear in my lifetime, I can tell you they continue to improve their quality while keeping the prices very reasonable.

Here's a look at it.

Let's start off by saying this bag gives you a variety of possibilities when it comes to use.  You can certainly use it at an airsoft event, and down below in this post you can see all the stuff I fit into it.  But you can also use it as an everyday bag as it will fit books, pens, an iPad, and much more.

As you can tell from the picture above, there's MOLLE all over the front so if you wanted to, you could even attach a few other small pouches on the outside to store more gear.  You also have a velcro patch to attach for favorite patches.

Double-zippers on the front give you access to one of the 3 main pockets.  This one is pretty 'flat' so you can carry some items in it, but not a ton.

Here you can see the shoulder strap.  It is fully adjustable and if you want to, you can remove the extra padded section shown below.

Here's a look at the QD buckle for the strap.

When you lift up the front flap, you have access to these 3 pockets.  The bottom one is the longest and would hold a flash light or some paracord very nicely.  The other 2 can hold a ton of different items, and the one on the right has a clear front so you could put a business card/I.D. card in it.

In the center compartment, you can see that there is an elastic band to hold mags and keep them from moving all around.

Also in the center compartment is a mesh pocket to keep you gear organized.

Here's a look at the back - ergonomic and padded.

You can also see the extra strap for additional retention.  Essentially, one strap goes across your shoulder and one goes around your waist/torso.

And now, here's a look at what you can store inside...


Overall, a great bag for a reasonable price.  If you want something to bring your gear to an airsoft op, check this bad-boy out.  Thanks to Airsoft Megastore for helping make this review possible.  Check them out HERE.

Keep on firin',

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