Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kryptek Mandrake Hat by Condor

I love me some nice camo, and to be totally honest I was very impressed with how well the Kryptek Mandrake pattern worked in the woods of the North East.  You can see in the pictures below, but man - this really blends in nicely.  I've always liked my multicam, but this may trump multicam for my local environment.

Some of the details: this is a baseball hat made by Condor and you can find it HERE at Airsoft Megastore for $14.95.  They also have a very similar version that has mesh on the top/back, so you can check that out as well.

As far as's a baseball hat, so you should understand what that means - keep sun out of your eyes, give you some camo on your dome, etc.

As you can see above, I've put an American flag patch on the front and (as you can see below) there is a place for a tiny patch on the top of the hat and also space for a name tag/panel on the back.  Your adjustment option is one of those brass slides.

Here it is in the middle of the path.

Again, the middle of the dirt path but taking the photo from bit further back.

A few shots of it on a branch in not-much cover and late afternoon sun.

As you can see from the pics here, the pattern is very mix-and-match - kind of like A-TACS is blended and overlapping

Here it is in some low grass cover.  Pretty amazing I think.

In the trees with leaves, this also works quite well.

I think you can see that this stuff works - Mandrake in the spring in the North East is pretty sweet.  You can also get shirts, pants, and even gear in this pattern, and in some of the other Kryptek patterns as well.  Once again, you can find it HERE over at Airsoft Megastore.  Thanks for checking out the review.

Keep on firin',

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