Monday, October 14, 2013

Cast Gear Tactical Hoodie

Welcome back to CQB Radio, gals and gents.  Today we are taking a look at the Cast Gear Tactical Hoodie from Airsplat.  You can CLICK HERE to see it over on the Airsplat website.  How did I get this one?  Glad you asked.  When I was speaking to my contact over at Airsplat, they mentioned that they'd like to have some of their new Cast Gear items reviewed, so this is the first of a bunch of their items we will be looking at on the CQB Radio blog.

So Cast Tactical Hoodie.  Here's a look...

and here are the specs:
- Available in sizes Small through Double-extra large.
- Made of 60% cottom and 40% polyester; 10 ounce brushed fleece for warmth and softness
- Fully jersey-knit lined hood
- Thumb-holes on the sleeves cuffs
- Front kangaroo pockets
- Zippered side vents
- Hook-and-Loop closures on the side for open-carry
- Available in: Urban Digital, Woodland Digital, C-Cam, Black, Navy, Gray, and Camel

The front pockets - comfortable and nicely placed.  The zippers are easy to use and though that may sound like a no-brainer - try getting a sweatshirt that has crummy zippers and you'll see why it's worth mentioning.

The thumb holes in the sleeve cuffs give you something like a fingerless glove built right into the sweatshirt.  Amazing how covering a just a little of your hand can give you some much-desired additional warmth in the colder weather.  The cuffs also have some elastic in them and this allows for your hand to be comfortable and also snug in the cuff.

On both the left and right upper arms are pockets with a patch panel on the outside.  These are large pockets in which you could easily hold a pad a paper, a mag, more other items.  They also have a pull built into them so that you can access them easily even with gloves on.

On the side, you can see that there is hook-and-loop at the bottom, with a zipper about 15 inches long that runs up the side of the hoodie.  This gives you the option to run a holster or any other larger pouch on the side of your body without having to worry about how you'll access it.  Also, if you unzip the zipper, you'll let in air to cool you down.

Another cool feature is the speaker-microphone holder on the shoulder.  If you have a mic that you can to clip onto your hoodie, well with this little cloth 'flap' of sorts, you can hook it on your right shoulder.

The hood - it works.  It fits nicely even with a hat on.

I've worn this one for a while, and I like it.  It's warm and comfortable, even though Urban Digital is not exactly subtle while walking around town, I didn't feel like I was walking around in a BDU blouse (yes, that's what they are called).  I've also got one of these in black - that one is just as nice.  

The cost for one of these bad-boys is $44.99.  If you are looking for a hoodie that is more than just cool looking but is also functional, this is a great option.  I've talked to the folks at Cast Gear and they seem like a solid group of individuals.  Check them out by CLICKING HERE and then check this item out over at Airsplat by CLICKING HERE.  

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