Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kryptek VS. MultiCam

Let's not kid ourselves - this is not a scientific study.  BUT it will give you a sense of how the Kryptek pattern compares to the very popular MultiCam pattern.  I got the Kryptek Highlander hat HERE from Airsplat so if you want it, I'd recommend you buy it from THEM.  Taking a look above, you can see that I put an OD green American flag on each hat so there was no 'advantage' given to one hat over another when it comes to the front patch. 

One of the things that more recent camo patterns have been utilizing is a mixture/splatter/cross-fade effect.  The older woodland camo patterns had very distinct edges for each color, but MultiCam, A-TACS, and Kryptek tend to blur the lines a bit more.  Just look at the brim of the hat below.

The MultiCam hat (below) has less of the blurring, but with the broad mix of colors, a lot of people like it because it seems to be, as the name implies, multiple forms of camouflage in one pattern.   

Here's a shot of them in the grass and in bright sunlight.  Certainly this is not an ideal 'hide' situation (who's going to lie in the open like this?), but none the less, you can get a sense of what they look like. 

To me, the MultiCam 'pops' a bit more than the Kryptek in the two pictures below.

In this leaf litter, I think the two patterns are even.  Both seem to blend in pretty nicely, and if you added in shadows to this photo, they'd be even harder to see.  That said, if you made me pick, I'd say the Kryptek was a little more hidden in this picture.

In the white pine here, the thing that stands out to me the MOST is that the flag and its shape.  It really does 'pop'.  Straight edges are not natural, and that's pretty obvious from the photos below.  

In these bushes, I don't give a real advantage to either one.  Again - shape of the flag makes it stand out.

Same bushes from further away.

Here are some final shots of our two competitors.

Here's the "IMHO" part of the show.  Kryptek Highlander wins.  Now hear me, you MultiCam fans - I REALLY like MultiCam.  I actually wore this MultiCam hat all day yesterday at the range in the woods.  And I'm not a Kryptek fanboy, but as I look at them, the blurring of the lines that the Kryptek offers is an advantage in your camo.  What do you think?  Post a comment below and thanks for reading.  Thanks also to Airsplat for sponsoring CQB Radio.

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  1. Those hats are pretty much fail. Draws the eye right to the top/middle of the head.

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  3. This is the shittiest "camo test" I've ever seen. Hats? Really? Delete this fucking crap.