Friday, October 4, 2013

Condor Tactical Summit Softshell Jacket Review

Today we take a look at the Condor Summit Softshell Jacket.  You can find it HERE over at Airsplat, and they also have a variety of other Condor jackets, as well as a ton of Condor gear.   

Before we get into the jacket, let's talk Condor.  If you know airsoft gear, you know Condor.  They have been a name that a lot of airsofters go to when they are looking for a vest, a chest rig, pouches, gloves and really - whatever other gear you want, they probably make it.  They are actually a real-steel (i.e. for real operators) company, but they know that airsofters are willing to invest a lot of cash into their kit, so they are happy to make gear that reaches out to the airsoft world as well.  Check them out HERE - Condor Outdoor.

Ok back to the jacket.  Cost is $79.99 and you can find this one in Tan, OD, and Black, though the Black does have a tinge of gray in it.  These jackets are made for colder weather so this is not a spring or early fall jacket.  Check out some of the specs below this lovely pic of the jacket.

Condor Tactical Summit Soft Shell Jacket
- Lined "Stand up" collar
- Hood inside collar - easily stored
- 2 shoulder pockets, 2 chest pockets, 2 internal pockets
- 4x4 inch patch panels - one on each upper arm
- Forearm pocket
- Double-zipper (dual-access) rear pocket in lower back
- Under-arm zip vents
- Double-layer reinforces forearm
- Drawstring on waist and hood
- Hook-and-loop (i.e. velcro) on wrists
- Double front zipper for comfort adjustment

Some of the literature that comes with the jacket.

Looking at the neck here, you can see that it covers your neck very nicely, and while that little piece of fleece that covers the zipper may seem like no big deal, when the wind kicks up and the weather is cold, it actually does help significantly in keeping the cold out and your body heat (around your neck) in.

In the back you can see the zipper to unleash the hood and also the drawstring to cinch down the neck (again - to keep out the elements).

In general, this forearm pocket is one of my favorites on any clothing.  It's great to toss an ID, some money, a debit card, or other small items into this pocket that is so easily accessible.  And the extra pull on the zipper makes it easier to get into when you have gloves on.

Space for a patch on the upper arm.  One thing I like about this is that they kept the patch location color close enough to the color of the rest of the jacket that if you don't have a patch on it, it doesn't stand out. Also in this shot you can see three of the pockets - chest, upper arm/shoulder, forearm.

These front pockets are called Napoleon pockets.  The reason - well, when you put your hands in them it make you look like Napoleon and how he held his hand inside his coat.  However, the REASON for these pockets being higher is that you can now keep you hands in your coat AND at the same time still wear a battle belt or snap a waist strap on a backpack, which - with normal side pockets that are lower - you cannot do.

The back pocket - use it to keep you hands warm or to store some slightly larger items inside of it.

Inside - some info on the coat and - yes, another pocket.  As I mentioned earlier this coat is warm.  Notice the fleece and in the winter, appreciate the fleece.

Pocket on the other (right) inside.

Drawstrings to snug up the lower portion of the coat around the waist.

Now with all this warmth, you may start to get TOO hot if you are really active in this bad boy.  No need to be concerned - just unzip the pit zips and let some cool air roll on in.

Like the Napoleon pockets, the fact that the double-zipper can open the bottom of the front zipper gives you the ability to have more kit around your waist without too much restriction.  This feature is also helpful if you are having to climb up a hill or, if you are into rock climbing, this feature is a great one.  As you raise you legs with the jacket slightly unzipped at the bottom of the front zip, you don't have the jacket riding up.

Condor Tactical Summit Softshell - love it.  My wife keeps asking me to see if I can score her one in OD.  What do you say, Airsplat?  Then we can walk around town together and look like the tacti-coolest couple out there.  Anyhow, on a serious note - it's warm, it's rain-resistant, it's comfortable, it's got a TON of great features, and I'm glad to own it.  You need a jacket and want one that works for both airsofting and just wearing around?  This might just be it, my friend.  Check it out at Airsplat, and big thank you to them for sending this along for review.

- Carp

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