Monday, March 16, 2015

What To Bring To an Airsoft Game: VISM Competition Range Bag by NcSTAR

So I talked to Airsplat about putting together a series of posts about what you can/should pack for an airsoft game.  In this post, I'll show you what I bring and also how I take it to the event.  You'll see that I use a few different bags/transport options for my gear but let me emphasize that you MUST BE SAFE!  Carry your airsoft gun IN A BAG.  It's dangerous for you and bad for airsoft if you don't.  (Ok - rant ended).   Let's get on with this post.

You'll need a gun.  Here's my AEG with some mags and then my secondary with a mag.  I carry them in a Condor 42-inch gun bag.  This thing holds my primary (it can hold two M4s pretty easily) and my secondary (it can hold 2-4 easily).  It also has 3 detachable pouches on the front to hold mags, green gas, etc.  Lots of space - it's keeps you and your AEG safe.

Next up, I've got my rig.  Pouches for mags and all kinds of other accessories.  I've got a dead rag, a bandana to wipe off sweat or to clean my goggles, and also a tactical 'scarf' of sorts. Knee and elbow pads are nice to have as well, and of course, BBs. (Click HERE for options when it comes to vests, chest rigs, etc.)  


BDU is next (Click HERE for BDU options).  I come to ops in sweat pants or something like that, and then I change into my BDU.  Boots with socks (and an extra pair is nice to change into at the end of the day).  Water canteen (Camelbacks are good as well).  Gloves, sling, speed loader, and some batteries too (yup - I like the old school kind).  Lastly, I've got a bag of stuff for cleaning and lubing guns.  (My preferred weight BBs can be located HERE).

A hat and eye pro are next.  I've also got a chrono - not needed but a nice addition.  I use a headset for comms connected to my radio.  Airsoft Innovations grenade and a charger round out this photo (green gas needed FYI).

And here's what it looks like.  Between the Condor bag and this VISM Competition Range Bag from NcSTAR, I basically carry all my gear.  

Here's a few pics of how I organize my bag.

The bag will run you $40 over at Airsplat. I like it a lot.  It has molle all over to attach some additional pouches, and I like the gray color a ton.

Lots of room inside as you can see.  Pockets on the front and back as well as side pockets.

So there you have it. One way to organize and carry your gear to an airsoft event.  Check out this bag by clicking HERE.  Thanks to Airsplat for helping support this review.

Keep on firin',

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