Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Way To Carry Your Gear To Airsoft Events:

If you saw my last post (click HERE to see all the gear I bring to an airsoft event), you'll know that I always like to carry my gear in a few bags to keep myself and it safe.

Today, we look at another bag.  This is the DEFCON War Dog AEG Gun Rifle Bag (CLICK on the name to see it over at - our supporter for this post and a generous supporter of CQB Radio.).  Now while this bag is capable to holding an M4, an MP5, or other AEGs, I am using it carry my gear.  I leave out my chest rig and I store by AEG in a Condor Rifle Bag, but everything else goes into this bag.

So here's a look at the DEFCON bag all packed up with my canteen attached to the outside.  

And here are some specs on the bag:
- A link to the bag on the DEFCON site is HERE
- Size: 22x7 or 34x7 (when expanded)
- Pockets hold 3 AK mags or 6 MP5 mags and many other mags of course
- MOLLE all over
- Sling can be adjusted to both sides
- And much on

Here's a look inside.  Yup, a large main compartment and then smaller mesh pockets (with zips) inside the main compartment.

The strap has a clip to hold keys or other gear.  And yes, another pocket inside the main section.

Now one of the cool things about this bag is that you can unzip the top section to expand out the bag to hold more gear or your AEG.

Here's a look at it with the sling out of the way.

And here's what the sling looks like.  Cool feature - you can attach it to either side of the bag at the bottom depending on how you like to roll.

Tuck the unused sling attachment into the pocket at the base of the bag.

Told you - molle all over.  And a spot for a patch on the back of the bag.

Looking at the top - more patch space.

Here it is from the side.  This thing held ALL the gear that the VISM bag (from my last post) held.  And it's comfortable to carry.

Slick bag - and you get it in tan as well.  Again, here's the link (CLICK HERE).
Over the last 2 posts you've seen 2 ways to carry your gear to ops.  One more coming soon!
Thanks to Airsplat for supporting this review and be safe.

Keep on firin',