Sunday, January 27, 2013

NcSTAR Mini Reflex Red Dot Sight

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Ok peeps - red dots.  Here's my take.  Unless you have a DMR-styled AEG or a sniper rifle that can really reach out to touch people, red dots are the best optic for airsoft.  They offer easy target acquisition, don't take a ton of work to get used to, and they don't use a ton of battery power. 

Today we are looking at this NcSTAR red dot from Airsoft Atlanta.  Cost-wise, this guy is on the lower end of red dots out there, coming in at only $49.99.  One cool thing about this guy - it's made for real steel i.e. it's made to be used on a gun with real recoil in real-life applications.  So you know it's made to take some abuse. 

As you can see, NcSTAR also includes their Lifetime Limited Warranty.  That means (and you can check out THIS VIDEO from Thumpy to prove my point) you can get it shot out, run it over, whatever - and if you send it back to them, they will REPLACE IT!  Now THAT is a deal.

Also included are these instructions on how it works, but don't worry - I'll tell you how to use it in this review.

You also get a cloth for cleaning the red dot, an extra battery, and 2 hex wrenches for attaching and adjusting.  Nice of them to toss in some extra 'kit' for free.

So here it is.  SUPER-compact, cover (plastic) included, and low profile.  The body of it is anodized aluminum so again - it's solid. 

  Check out the next picture of it in my hand.  Isn't it cute?

 Attaching it to your gun is simple.  If you look at my finger tip in the photo below, you can see one of the hex bolt.  Loosen two of them and you can put this on any 1913/Picitanny rail.  That said, this guy is very usable on a pistol as well as on a rifle. 

Turning it on is simple - move the switch in the back to the right, because that's where on is (heh, heh...).
 There is just one setting as far as brightness, but in general I don't bother changing my brightness levels much unless I am in a full-on, full-immersion, day-changing-to-night op, so you should be all set.

 When you want to adjust it for windage and elevation, just use the included hex wrench to adjust the bolts on the top (for elevation) and right side (for windage).  Simple enough.

Here's a look at it when it's "ON".  The dot is tiny but it's very easy to see (the picture doesn't do it justice).

I decided to put this guy on my KWA CQR.  Now it's worth noting that if you play with a full facemask, you may want to add a riser to your AEG. You don't have to, but it might be handy.  As I mentioned earlier, this guy is a low-profile red dot, so you should plan on putting it further out on your rail as compared to where you might put a holo sight or a set of scope rings.

 As you can see, I put it almost up to the delta ring on my M4.

Here's what it looks like on the M4 and on.

A few more pictures of it.

Overall, this guy is sweet.  Airsoft Atlanta does note that it is great for an MP7, and I'd agree.  MP9 would be great for this guy too.  This guy is solid (remember the excellent promise of replacement from NcSTAR), made for real steel guns, and will hold up.  If you have a rail on a pistol, this guy would be excellent.  If you want something low-profile for an AEG, this may be the one you are looking for.  Check out more over at Airsoft Atlanta - CLICK HERE.

- Carp    

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  1. This is an amazing red dot sight. It helps to determine the exact target. Red dot sight generally used in the long range guns like m4, machine gun etc. It reflexes very high & accurately results.