Friday, January 25, 2013

Mechanix Gloves Review

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Let's talk gloves.  Useful in airsoft for: keeping hands warm in colder weather, protecting hands from BBs, protecting hands from falls (not that ANY of us have taken a digger while running in airsoft), and, of course, they are excellent for looking cool (come on, let's not lie - we all like to look tacti-cool).

Mechanix gloves were originally made for, well...mechanics.  But once other people saw how useful they could be, Mechanix gloves were all the rage.  In general, they are quite reasonably priced.  The ones you see in this review are available at Airsoft Atlanta for only $24.99, and they come in sizes Small to Extra Large.

Here are the details on these guys.  First, they are comfortable.  These are based on the original design, so they are made to provide safety, a little warmth, and also keep enough dexterity so you can use your hands effectively.  The palm is made of synthetic Clarino leather so it's pliable but also strong.  The top is made of stretch spandex - again offering comfort and cover.   

As you can see, they are compact enough to use while airsofting.  Your finger can fit into the trigger-guard no problem.  The pictures here are of a KWA CQR, so it's safe to say that for most M4s, you are good to go.  And since most AK and other airsoft 'rifles' are larger that this CQR, you should have no problem wearing these Mechanix gloves and shooting.   

When it comes to pistols, I took my smallest gas blow-back pistol (a WE Baby Hi-Capa) and they still worked.  It's certainly a tighter fit, but none the less - they work.

Would I recommend these?  Totally.  There are real operators (i.e. soldiers, contractors, etc.) who wear these, so yeah - I'd say they are safe enough for airsoft.  You can get gloves that cost less, but in the end, I think it's worth it to spend the money now for a pair of gloves that will last.  Mechanix gloves are used the world-over, and that's because they are well-made and long-lasting.  Check them out at Airosft Atlanta HERE

- Carp  

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