Saturday, March 10, 2012

First OP of the Spring from Maine Airsoft


Global Location: Canada, lowland forests of the Northern Rockies. Yukon region.

Scenario: The year is 2016; spring arrives in the Northwest of North America. In the boreal forests surrounding the feet of the Rockies, events are set to unfold in effort to halt a major threat to U.S. and Canadian security.

A sleeper cell derived from an international terrorist organization was activated some years after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. The group's exact origin is unknown, but it is believed that terrorists with ties to Al-Qaeda were seeded as sleeper cells within the major Eastern Canadian cities. The cell remained extremely quiet for about a decade, but eventually slipped in the year 2013 when the group attempted to purchase large quantities of chemical fertilizer on the black market. Upon noticing this, and matching multiple names from U.S. databases to the cell itself, the United States and Canadian governments raided various locations throughout the cities. The raids were indeed successful, with thousands of pounds of drugs, multiple small arms, and various bomb components seized. However, only a handful of low-level cell members were apprehended, as the leadership of the group had fled prior to the raid. The DEA/CIA concluded that what they seized during the raid was a distraction and a ruse. In hopes of appearing crushed, the inner circle had left only a fraction of their assets.

Joint-efforts between the Canadian and U.S. governments to collapse the tiny terrorist cell on Canadian soil had ultimately failed. Since then, the once extremely small cell had seemingly disappeared. No one would expect that the group had not only moved away from highly populated areas, but remained inside the country. Over the past two years, scattered reports of organized activity within an isolated valley in the Yukon have been made by bush pilots and civilians in the area. Often passed off as logging activity, the group operating within the valley had remained unnoticed for two years. The area began to appear suspicious when eventually; the cell slipped and exposed themselves to aerial reconnaissance by U.S. planes.

"SMU"/Recon teams have been deployed by U.S. JSOC in compliance with Canadian government in order to relieve some of the fog of war involved in the scenario. Langley reports that there are multiple hostile-controlled sites within a heavily wooded fjord in the northernmost sectors of reconnaissance. Disguised as logging camps, the cell had been training a small group of militant combatants in addition to the mass production of the drug Methamphetamine in labs within the camps. This installation was also responsible for the illicit trafficking of various weapons, chemicals, drugs, and humans across the U.S./Canadian border. Their leader was finally visually identified after months of surveillance by Canadian snipers, but a name or alias could not be matched from U.S. databases. Given the nature of the situation, the cell's commander was designated as a high value target, codename: RIPSAW.

Unwilling to let RIPSAW slip through their fingers once more, the United States and Canadian governments are pursuing a joint-operation in order to take the cell down once and for all. Forward deployed Recon units have been in the field for quite some time, observing the situation and avoiding counter-snipers. The DEA FAST team will make a helicopter insertion on the edge of the valley, along with the various CIA agents involved with the takedown. The remaining U.S. strike force will accompany the Canadian agents and Joint Task Force 2 operators in a column after dismounting from their convoy. All the meanwhile, the cell has had ample time to prepare defenses after their scouts spotted the convoy from the highlands. With nowhere to run, their only option is to fight off the advancing forces, and escape the area after they completely control it once more. The U.S. and Canadian forces are faced with the task of effectively clearing and maintaining the various sites within the valley until all major suspects are accounted for and the area is deemed safe. Due to the size of the area, and the unknown amount of hostiles present, this is sure to be a battle of endurance.


This is a continuous, non-stop operation that is based on various components of “captured” items, locations, and targets of interest.


**(Please note: This is a non-stop continuous OP. Once you are either embedded on the field or deployed onto the field (Startex), the game will not stop until 1700 (5:00PM). Individuals should consider how they plan to eat lunch, as it will be on the field. Players are allowed to leave the field, at the cost of their absence from the game. However, players leaving the field MUST check-in with squad leaders/force commander, maintain radio contact, and establish a rally point with their perspective squad).

0800-0900: Registration/Chrono
0900-1000: Rally period and briefing
1000: Startex
1000-1200: Initial assault phase
1200-1300: “Dig in” phase, territory established – Recon secondary objective period
1300-1700: Conquest/FRAGO phase
1700-1800: Endex and rally phase

The basic unit of “success” in this OP is the amount of points that your faction has at the end of the day. This event is not meant to have a clear winning or losing side, but ultimately the winning side will have the most points total. Points are awarded for various things, such as holding a base during a “snapshot”, to capturing a HVT from the opposing team. (High value targets are selected from members of the “Inner Circle” and DEA/CIA squads. Additionally, both faction commanders are considered HVT).

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