Sunday, March 4, 2012

CQB Radio - Episode 29: Game Back On

All airsoft, all the time...

Hey guys,
Here is is - Episode 29. Get it on iTunes or HERE.

- Intro and Welcome
- Assessment: The Echo 1 MTC 2 from Echo 1, the KWA MK23 from Pyramyd Air, the SIG 556 Shorty from Airsplat, and the KWA ATP from Eric of The
- Tricks of the Trade: Talking with Booligan about Shot Show 2012
- Loadout: The S-Thunder gun rack and a Condor Chest Rig from Airsplat
- Just In: Eric gives us the latest happenings in the airsoft world
- Closing

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Also, be checking back here and at the Airsplat Blog for my DMR project - up-grading this bad-boy until the cows come home. Here's Airsplat's Blog Site - CLICK HERE.


First up, the Echo 1 MTC2 - thanks to Echo 1 for sending it along.

Standard crane stock for your battery.

Rear sling attachment loop.

Note that the stock does not fold but you can change it to a G36 style that will fold.

MTC 'trades'.

Lots of rail space up top for optics.

And lots of rail space out front for accessories.

Your mag release is on the left side of the gun.

Charging handle does lock back.

Built-in sights that are super low-profile.

Next up - the King Arms SIG 556 Shorty from Airsplat.

Cool retractable stock.

Flip-up rear sight.

Flip-up front sight.

Sig trades on the mag.

Lots of rail space.

Real trades from Sig.

Next, Eric talked about the KWA ATP.

And then we looked at the KWA MK23 from Pyramyd Air. Click HERE to see it.
Click on any pic to see more about the MK23.

How about some H&K trades?

Great pistol with a TON of kick.

Rail and 16mm threaded barrel.


In TOTT we talked with Booligan from Airsoft Retreat about Shot Show 2012. Click HERE to see his pics.


First up - the S-Thunder gun rack.

Here are the components.

And here's how you attach the guns to the rack.

You connect the yellow bases to the rack and then lock your gun to it like putting a mag in the mag well.

Lastly, the Condor chest rig from Airsplat - check it out HERE.

Nice padded straps.

Nice radio pouch on the shoulder strap.

A look at the back.

Pouches fit M4 and AK mags and there are larger pouches for other things as well.

That's all for the show - thanks for checking it out.

Keep on firin',

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