Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Navy SEALS Museum

Hey CQB Radio fans,

Over the last week I had a chance to visit the Navy SEALS Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida while visiting some family. The link to the museum is below, but check out some pics from the trip.

A bunch of cool pics of real steel as you scroll down -M249s, M4s, and more.


One of the first UDT loadouts.

A slightly more advanced loadout

Firepower baby.

Classic Walther P38 from WWII.

Nice AK.

ARES didn't make this one, friends.

40 mm Pump Grenade Launcher. Yes please.

M79 - a classic.

G&P did a nice job matching up to this one.

M60 VN.

M4 all geeked-out.

Some support M249s.

Hello optics.

Interesting to see this after H&K just put out a trade-marked GBB version for airsoft.


NAVSOF - a real sign from the SEALS in Iraq.


Desert Patrol Vehicle.

50 cal. anyone?

A memorial to all who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Remember Rudy from Survivor? He was a hard-core SEAL.


  1. Nice you called the Walther P38 a Ruger while you probably meant Luger.

  2. Good call, bro. Corrected. I guess I got too caught up in the excitement!

  3. Very nice, btw if anyone is interested in Navy Seals, I would highly recommend the book "lone survivor" by Markus Luttrell. It's an amazing book about his experience when a mission went south, and he had to stay with locals while hiding from the taliban. It is truly a touching, inspiring, and good read...

    I don't feel like I've expressed it very well above, but let me just say: If you enjoy, books that honor good people, and give you an in depth description of what being a navy seal is about, that book is worth reading