Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CQB Radio - Episode 24: Good-bye Snow, Hello FPS

CQB Radio - Episode 24 is here.
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- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Ops in New England
- Assessment: Haswan gas shotgun, H&K G36C, TSD SD702 sniper rifle
- Tricks of the Trade: Nick from Operator Magazine
- Loadout: Bailout bag, DBOYS M4 stock, Flash mag, UTG vert grip, UTG red/green dot, UTG
- Just In: New items on the market
- Closing

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Capture the Flag at the Ultimate Battleground.

In Mass., check out CQB events at The Citadel (

In NH, RPC Airsoft is a great place to play.

Maine's got a Build-A-Base Day coming up in April.

And down in North Carolina was the 2nd annual NAA Expo.


First up, the TSD SD702 sniper rifle.

Black plate at the end of the stock.

The bolt and rail.

Cool, unique flash hider.

Next up, the Mad Max gas shotty.

It breaks open like this...

and here is a shell.

Put your shells in here.

Lastly, the H&K G36C from Pyramyd Air. Link here to check it out:

Your paperwork including the Umarex 1-year promise.

And here she is.

The great H&K trades.

And all geeked out.


Eric interviewed Nick from Operator Magazine.


Here's a sweet bailout bag from

Yeah, it's got some space.

Here's a new UTG vert grip.

Here it is on the G36C.

The DBOYS M4 stock - pretty cool item from Airsplat.

Here is it on the KWA M4.

Next up, the Lonex Flash mag from

Load it like a standard hi-cap.

Here's the bottom of it.

And the wire to pull.

The UTG Red/Green dot - very nice optic.

Everything that comes with it.

Here it is on the G36C from

Lastly, this UTG flashlight. Nice 260 lumens.


Airsplat has the new FN2000 from G&G.

Airsoft Extreme has this BE gas shotty.

Evike has some new 1911s.

Check out the AI Gas Can - sweet.

That's it, kiddies. Enjoy it.

Keep on firin',

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