Saturday, January 18, 2014

PDT - Practical Defense Training Technologies

Hey CQB Radio peeps,

Today we look at some products from Practical Defense Training Technologies (click on the name for more information and their website).  What do they do?  Simple enough - they offer reality-based training in what they call their 'mico-emersive trainer' using, among other things, airsoft as a training tool.  They offer other services as well as selling some tac gear, so for the purposes of our post today, we are giving an overview of the PDT protective gear that is used during their airsoft-centered training.

First thing to note - you can purchase the protective gear in a full-set or in individual pieces.  So if you're an airsofter - particularly a CQB player - this is some kit you might want to consider.  

Here's the insert you get when your order the protective gear from PDT

And the bag that the gear comes in.  Nice bag, solidly-made, and it holds all the gear in the set.

Here's a look at the face mask.  Features include ear protection that still gives you the ability to still hear, an anti-fog lens that offers a maximum of peripheral vision.  On that note, PDT says that their dual-lens goggles are the only true no-fog lens on the market.  Want comfort in a mask - this one offers some nice soft gaskets to keep you safe and at the same time keep it comfortable.

Gloves - I love me some nice tac gloves. Protection is literally built-in to this glove - it's not on the outside, it's stitched into the glove.  Hook-and-loop closures on the wrists, cow-hide palms, and stretch material make the gloves safe and also comfortable to wear.

Neck protection.  Ever get shot in the neck?  Yeah, I know - THAT hurt.  Here's your neck protection.  Again light-weight and comfortable (you'll see that as a theme), and the BEST feature of this is the neck skirt.  That means this neck protection won't a.) move around and leave your skin exposed, and b.) it's not so small that it really doesn't cover your neck.  I'm telling you - the little things make  huge difference.

Groin protection....yeaaaaah.  Awkward to talk about, nice to have.  Made of Cordura, easy to put on and take off, and yeaaaah...keeps everything safe.

If you look at the picture, the chest protector kind of speaks for itself, but here are a few details worth noting - made of Cordura, hook-and-loop on the shoulders and sides so it fits pretty much anyone, built to function and feel like a real duty vest, light-weight, and complete with a foam core for protection.


Lastly, the marking knife.  If you are an airsofter, you know a 'knife kill' can be intense and invigorating.
 Well, here's your chance.  This knife comes with the marking compound so you know when you actually get someone.  It's one piece of plastic with a sheath that you can attach to your person.  

Today's post is just an overview so take it in and think about it.  Next post - you'll see the kit on and I'll talk about how it feels and works.  Stay tuned!
- Carp

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