Thursday, January 17, 2013

New from Umarex - Beretta ARX 160

Tired of just M4s?  Well, here's something that might float your boat.  Umarex is working on a new Beretta ARX 160.  What you see in these pictures is really just a shell of the future AEG.  It'll take M4 mags, it's got rails, it has a folding and extendable stock, and it.  Price will be around $300 for the metal version and then a 'sportline/competition/ version for around $175, give or take.  And FYI - looks like real licensing from Beretta.  Nice work, Umarex.  Release date: unknown.  


- Carp

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  1. Perfect choice by Umarex. Because for the global airsoft players community, it was a question if famous Beretta's rifles such us AR70/90 or the PM 12S and the new ARX 160, would be built in electric airsoft version. Bravo...