Saturday, August 11, 2012

CQB Radio - Episode 33: KWA CQR and More

CQB Radio - Episode 33 is here.  Get it on iTunes or at

Here's what's in this show:
- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Airsoft ops in New England and around the U.S.
- Assessment: the KWA CQR MOD2 and the APS AK74
- Tricks of the Trade: Tom from Pyramyd Air
- Loadout: So many items...just scroll down to see them
- Just In: Eric tells us about some new items to the world of airsoft
- Closing

Check out this op happening in Maine - 

Always TONS happening at GMSOG -


We looked at the KWA CQR MOD2 and then this guy - the APS AK74

We talked with Tom from Pyramyd Air

A nice and simple gun bag from NC Star and Airsoft Station (click HERE to check it out)

Also from Airsoft Station - Elite Force BBs - great BBs.  Click HERE to get them from Airsoft Station.

From - the XTM panels from Magpul

Also from AirsoftFix, these KSC Perfect BBs, some of my personal favorites.

From ITW, the Tac Link - great item.

From Smith Optics Elite - the Boogie Regulator Goggles.

A serpa clone from Airsplat

And a real Blackhawk CQC Platform for mounting to MOLLE.

From Fox Airsoft, the SWEET Magpul RVG.

And a little rail to attach it to an MOE grip.

Oh, and here's the CQC in action.

A scope riser from Evike.

From MissionSpec the M2P Sling.

And the Hostage Target System from Challenge Targets.

That's pretty much it - thanks for checking us out.
Keep on firin',

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