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Mag Grips Reviews

Hey CQB Radio fans,
Here are 2 reviews of some items from Mag Grips.
Check them out at
- Carp

Ok so I've had the chance to see a lot of gear over the years, and whether people want to tell you the truth or not, function AND style matters to people. I'm not outside that world either.  OF COURSE I want something to work well, but if it can look cool while working well, all the better.  And thus, we have the Mag Grips for your AR mags.  You can get them HERE on the MagGrips site.  They only cost $12.95 and one 'kit' will cover 3 of your mags.

So what do you get with the kit?  Glad you asked - take a look below.

You get the first set on brown paper and the other 2 that haven't had the 'left over' or 'extra' grip torn off yet.  Note that they do send a little note (see above) with their recommendation on how to use these other grips and don't worry - they are already cut out.  When I first got this, I thought, "Sweet...wait - do I have to cut the rest out myself?"
You don't so don't sweat it.

Here's a close up of the kit.

It's a very simple process.  I used the MagGrips site to see how they did it, and then I just copied their mags.  Of course, you should clean your own hands with soap and water and THEN clean the mag you are about to 'grip' with the included alcohol wipe.  Once you do, stick away, my friends.  Here's what it looks like all done (it looks the same on the other side too).

NOW, the main warning I would give is to check where you mag will send up fitting into your mag well before you stick these grips on.  As you can see, the grips pop up a little into the mag well for my gun. It's not enough to impact them mag seating well, but be aware of this possible issue.

Another shot of it.

Overall, a great product.  It's amazing to see how much these do help with your grip of a mag.  A few closing thoughts.  First, I'll let you know how well they stick on after use (stay tuned).  Secondly, check how your mags fit into a chest rig/taco/whatever after you put these on.  It may make it harder to put 2 mags in a double M4 pouch if they are gripping together as you try to take them out.  But as of now - love them.  And like I said, they are functional and look cool too.


Hey guys,

Carp from CQB Radio here writing up a review on the MagGrips AFG kit.  Eric from The Gear Locker sent this guy over to me because he knew I ran an AFG on one of my carbines.  So here’s the skinny.

To be honest, I was a little ‘meh’ about the kit when I first got it.  I really like my AFG, so the thought of adding anything to it made me a little skeptical.  But when Eric and the Yankee Division came up to an OP that the Immortals were at, I noticed he had MagGrips on all his Pmags, so I thought I’d at least give 

the AFG kit a shot.  

Here’s what it looks like in the package.

The application process is simple enough (and all the info you need is on their website –  First, you take the alcohol wipes and clean off you AFG.

I would actually recommend you FIRST clean your own hands so that your pizza-covered fingertips don’t get the AFG greasy after you’ve cleaned it off.  Anyhow, once you and your AFG are cleaned up, you peel off each of the 3 sections and apply them as shown below:

Ta-dah!  That’s really it. Now, the question is about how does it work.  My take – this kit is excellent.  Without gloves it certainly improves your grip.  With gloves, it really gives you a great hold of your AFG.  The texture of the actually grips I would compare to a slightly smoothed-out sandpaper.   For $5.95 it’s hard to go wrong.  This one get’s Carps thumbs up!

Keep on firin’,

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