Sunday, March 25, 2012

The DMR Project

So here's the start of the DMR Project from Airsplat. The base gun is the DBOYS SPR MK12, MOD 0. While there have been mods and up-grades to the real steel version of this guy, it's still in use and is a work horse of a DMR. Here's the basic box you'd expect from DBOYS.

Inside, you get: the gun, a shorty hi-cap mag, a battery, a bipod, some BBs (toss em'), some tools, and a charger. Nice little set-up.

Now this rifle is pretty nicely made. No, it's not $400 so you aren't getting a VFC or something like that, but it is quite solid. My first 2 issues were quickly resolved. First, the stock was loose. To fix it, I opened up the back battery door and tightened down the screw way inside the stock (the one that attaches to the receiver). The other issue was the front "tube" (if you will - yes, you will) was loose, and all you have to do is tighten down the circular object that has replaced the delta ring.

Advantages of this guy as a base: lots of rails for pretty much any optic, lots of battery space, long barrel, rails for bipods, flashlights, etc., comfortable grip, and a gun that's easy to mod.

Disadvantages: it isn't made of the highest-grade parts available, but that's why this is the DMR Project and not the "DMR...has arrived in a box ready to go" Project.

Thanks to Airsplat for their support. More to come soon.

- Carp

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