Thursday, July 1, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 16 - I Don't Have A Name For This One

Why this picture of the suppressor? Why not, my friend...why not...

CQB Radio: Episode 16 - I Don't Have A Name For This One
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CQB Radio: Episode 16 - I Don't Have A Name For This One
- Welcome and Introduction
- Word on the Street - New England airsoft ops
- Assessment: UTG L96, WE/Caspian 45 Tactical Combat Warrior, S-Thunder CO2 Core Replacement for M203 shells, and 2 airsoft grenades
- Tricks of the Trade: How to build your own dynamic airsoft targets
- Loadout: Duostock, ASAP sling plate from Magpul, Folding forward grip, Remote Optic Power Switch, King Arms BBs, VooDoo Tactical Level 3 Assault Pack, Op Drops
- Dr. Airsoft - Critters, Part 2
- Retailer Review:
- Just In: New aisoft items
- Closing

Remember the BioBB BReakdown? Well here are the BBs, but they're not very broken down.

The Take Aim free subscription contest is still on. Send me your airsoft gun pics and you're entered!

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Maine Airsoft is now a Pantac dealer.
Also in Maine, check out Operation Orient Express on July 17th.

In Vermont, World in Flames at GMSOG.

MAJOR swap meet at GroundZero Airsoft in Connecticut.

First up in Assessment was the UTG L96 sniper rifle. A bit too much plastic, but still a very nice sniper rifle.

Here it is all boxed up.

And with the box opened.

Next up was the WE/Caspian 45 Tactical Combat Warrior. Here it is before seeing daylight.

And here she is!

After this pistol, we looked at the S-Thunder CO2 core replacement for M203 shells.

Just before the core is swapped out. It's easy to do just don't lose any parts!

You get some oil with the core as well - nice addition from S-Thunder.

Lastly, we had JP from Alleyway Airsoft help us out. He talked about the Airsoft Innovations Impact Grenade...

and then covered the CidaSoft Grenade.

Ox helped us out here and told us how to build our own dynamic airsoft targets.

Here are the parts:

And here it is assembled

And a whole FAMILY of the targets.

First off in Loadout was the DuoStock - a great accessory for your M4-style AEG.

Here's a stock photo from

The Magpul ASAP sling mount - here it is. Thanks to Airsoft Extreme.

The airsoft tactical folding forward grip from

Airsoft Station sent us this Remote Optic Power Switch.

Here's an A1 optic that this will fit on perfectly.

Here it is all mounted up - I would recommend you mount it on the left-side of your pistol grip if you are a right-handed shooter.

Texas 911 Gear sent me some King Arms BBs - nice BBs.

This Voodoo Tactical Level 3 Assault pack is GREAT! Thanks to Combat Sport Supply.

Tired of having your goggles fog? Use Op Drops, available at

Dr. Airsoft joined us to talk about critters to avoid in airsoft

In our Retailer Review we talked about - a pretty nice airsoft website.

That's all - enjoy and keep on firin',


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